J.T. Krul talks Green Arrow and all that Brightest Day jazz with the forest, Martian Manhunter & more

Fan Expo GA news…

Krul said he’s working towards expanding Oliver Queen’s universe in “Green Arrow” and that he wants to make Star City a special place. He explained, “The forest from ‘Brightest Day’ was just a great way to do that and it really gives the book a whole new identity. Obviously, we’re playing up the Robin Hood mythos in ‘Green Arrow,’ but it’s just a great way to expand Ollie’s world. And as far as Star City goes, we have some new characters coming up. And Martian Manhunter from ‘Brightest Day’ is coming up too.

“We also want to build up Ollie’s gallery of rogues by bringing some characters back and also introducing some new villains – like The Queen and everybody else. It’s just all Ollie, all the time.”

Source: CBR

I’ll give the book time, but so far it feels like Ollie is in the backseat in his own book. It feels like its not about “Green Arrow impacted by Brightest Day”, BUT instead about “Brightest Day impacting Star City who happens to be protected by Green Arrow”. And those are two different kind of stories IMHO. 😉

Brightest Day seems to be lead of the Green Arrow bool not Oliver Queen, but time will tell if it “feels” that way for me much longer. The new rogues including this new Queen are intriguing though…. and, admittedly, I’m curious how this Martian Manhunter vs. Green Arrow mismatch works out.

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