One Year in Knoxville – August 15, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle advised that today we’d see recaps of last weekend’s Fire on the Mountain show, including interviews with some of the competitors.

Mantell announced he had good news and bad news. First, Mantell advised that the good news was that the Dirty White Boy had defeated Brian Lee to capture the heavyweight title. The bad news was that, after the barbed wire match, there were no tag team champions.

Caudle quickly interjected that the Fantastics had won the gold. Mantell also announced that he had a special guest on Down and Dirty and DWB would defend the belt against Dixie Dynomite later today.

We came back to commentary after a commercial as Caudle introduced the heavyweight title match.

We joined the match as Brian Lee was in control by taking DWB down with clotheslines and then a dropkick. Lee whipped DWB and hit a powerslam for a two count. Lee slugged DWB and whipped him, then nailed a back elbow that sent DWB out of the ring and onto the floor right in front of Ron Wright. Wright gave DWB a chain and sent him back in.

DWB climbed onto the apron and popped Lee with the chain. DWB ditched the weapon and covered for a two. DWB dropped a knee and started kicking Lee. DWB started firing punches and then whipped Lee. Lee dodged a clothesline and hit a flying clothesline of his own. Lee climbed to the top and missed a knee drop.

DWB followed Lee outside and kept working him over. Lee blocked when DWB tried to send him into the commentary table and rammed his head into it instead. Lee and DWB traded punches and Lee sent DWB back in. Ron Wright distracted referee Mark Curtis as Lee hit the Cancellation and covered. A new face hit the ring and clotheslined Lee while Curtis had his back turned. DWB covered and got the win and the title.

We went backstage where Lee was doing an interview. Lee said that the clothesline was loaded and he’d make DWB and Wright pay for what they’d done.

From there we went to Caudle, who was with DWB and Wright. Caudle asked who the attacker was and Wright said it must have been a fan, because he didn’t know who it was. Wright said that he’d been afraid he’d been having a heart attack and was asking Curtis to call an ambulance for him.

Caudle asked DWB. DWB said all he knew was that he’d pinned Lee to win the title.

Bob Armstrong came in and said that if they’d had anything to do with the mystery man, then he’d strip the DWB of the title and Wright would have to put his operation on hold.

DWB reiterated his innocence and Caudle sent us to commercial.

We came back to find Tim Horner with Caudle. Horner said that he knew that DWB had proclaimed himself a fighting champion, and he wanted to throw his name into the pot. Horner said he believed that he could be a champion and asked for a title shot.

Caudle then introduced the barbed wire match between the Fantastics and the Heavenly Bodies.

We joined the match as all four men were brawling inside the cage. Prichard tried to climb the cage and escape only for Jackie to crack his head into the cage’s wooden frame. Prichard fell to the mat and Bobby picked him up. Bobby threw Prichard into the barbed wire and Jackie got attacked by Stan Lane.

Bobby fought to take Lane’s headgear off as Jackie sent Prichard back into the wire. Jackie sent Prichard in a third time as Bobby kept working on the headgear. Jackie took Prichard to the wire again and Cornette threw powder into his eyes. Prichard rolled Jackie up and got a two count.

Bob Armstrong evicted Cornette as both Bodies attacked Bobby. Bobby clapped Lane’s wounded ears and sent him into the wire, and then took Prichard down. Jackie got Prichard off Bobby and Prichard popped him before returning his attention to Bobby.

Prichard and Lane got set for a double backdrop and Jackie dropkicked them. Bobby got Lane down in a pinning predicament and Prichard broke it up at the two count. Prichard hit a sit down powerbomb on Jackie and Bobby broke up the pin.

Lane hit a Russian leg sweep and covered for two. Prichard hit a suplex on Jackie and climbed the ropes. Prichard missed an elbow drop and Bobby pulled Lane up, then sent him back into the wire. Cornette came back down and threw his racket to Prichard, only for Armstrong to confiscate the racket. Jackie rolled Prichard up and Armstrong made the count to award the belts to the Fantastics.

We joined the Bodies and Cornette in the locker room. Prichard blamed Armstrong for the loss for taking the racket. Cornette added that Armstrong had let the Fantastics do whatever they wanted to while he stopped the Bodies from using the racket. Cornette demanded a rematch and promised a lawsuit if he didn’t make the match.

We then joined the Fantastics. Jackie said that this was the toughest match he’d ever fought and thanked the fans for their support. Bobby said that all they’d done was prove that the Bodies couldn’t beat the Fantastics when Cornette was removed from the equation. Bobby said that they’d had to wait for their title shot after Jackie’s knee injury, and now it was the Bodies’ turn to wait.

We came back to commentary as Caudle sent us to commercial.

We came back to Down and Dirty, where Dutch was joined by Killer Kyle and Jim Cornette. Cornette said that the reason Kyle didn’t talk was because there wasn’t anyone around worth talking to. Cornette then announced that he’d be sharing Kyle’s thoughts with the world.

Cornette brought up Kyle’s upcoming boxing match against Dixie. Cornette put over the power of Kyle’s punches and promised that Dixie would get knocked out. Cornette brought out Mike Samson for a visual demonstration. Mike held up a board and Kyle split the board with one punch. Cornette promised Dixie that this would happen to him in the boxing match. Mantell asked if Cornette was Kyle’s new manager and Cornette confirmed it.

We came back from commercial to find Paul Orndorff with Caudle. Orndorff said that he didn’t need the fans cheering for him because he had the money and the skill to make up for it. Orndorff put over everyone he’d put down with the piledriver and then Bob Armstrong came in.

Armstrong asked Orndorff if he’d had anything to do with the mystery man. Orndorff protested his innocence and Armstrong promised severe consequences if he’d been involved.

Orndorff said that he had enough money to get out of anything.

From there we went to the ring where Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller were waiting. “Old Time Rock and Roll” started playing to usher out the Rock n Roll Express.

Morton and Gibson hit the ring and Golden and Fuller attacked. The Express danced around a whip attempt and sent the Stud Stable into each other.

We jumped ahead to find Golden working over Morton. Morton hit a sunset flip and Fuller distracted the ref. Gibson hit the ring to show the ref what was going on and Golden kicked out.

Morton got a small package for two and ran between Golden’s legs before getting the tag to Gibson. Gibson attacked both members of the Stable and hit a body press on Golden for a two before Fuller broke it up.

Morton attacked Fuller and Fuller threw him out of the ring. Fuller grabbed Gibson from behind and Golden went for a clothesline only for Gibson to duck. The Express hit a double dropkick on Golden and got a two before Fuller pulled the ref out of the ring.

Gibson hit a body slam but the ref was outside. Golden reversed a whip and Gibson got a sleeper. As the ref admonished Morton, Fuller came off the second rope with a double axe handle. Golden landed on top and Morton rolled them over as Fuller was ushered to the apron. The ref counted to three and the Express got the win as Fuller tried to figure out what had happened.

Fuller attacked the Express and pitched Morton out of the ring, then Fuller held Gibson while Golden attacked him with punches and a double axe handle. The Stable whipped Gibson and hit a double clothesline, then Morton got back into the ring. Morton fought both members of the Stable off Gibson, and Fuller started attacking Morton.

Fuller tied Morton to the tree of woe while Golden hammered Gibson before pitching the ref out of the ring. With Morton out of the picture, Golden and Fuller attacked Gibson before Fuller returned to stomping Morton.

Gibson crawled across the ring and Fuller cut him off. Golden and Fuller finally decided that they’d done enough and left the ring as the ref checked on Ricky Morton.

We went backstage to see Fuller and Golden. Golden said that the Express hadn’t won a match and promised that they were ready for any match the Express wanted. Fuller added that the war against the Express had just gotten started.

From there we went to commentary, where Caudle was with the Express. Robert said that the Stable had jumped him, he’d called Morton, and they were taking care of business. Morton said that Rock n Roll was there to stay, and they weren’t afraid of the Stable. Morton said that Fuller could say whatever he wanted, but they did their talking inside the ring.

We came back from commercial to find Dixie Dynomite entering the ring. He was soon followed by the DWB and Ron Wright.

The bell rang and the two locked up. DWB backed Dixie into a corner and then shoved him away. Another locked up saw Dixie in the corner and DWB landed a chop before backing off.

The two locked up again and Dixie went back to the corner. DWB landed another chop and Dixie started firing back. Dixie backdropped DWB and nailed a dropkick that sent DWB scurrying for the floor.

DWB and Wright regrouped a moment before the champion returned to the ring. The two locked up again and DWB got a wristlock that he turned into an armbar. Dixie hiptossed DWB and jawed at him a moment.

The two locked up and DWB got a headlock. Dixie fought back and whipped his way free, then DWB put him down with a shoulderblock. DWB ran the ropes and Dixie hit an armdrag and then a dropkick that sent DWB to the outside for another conference.

DWB returned to the ring and another lockup saw Dixie get a headlock. DWB punched Dixie in the ribs to escape and tried to whip his way free. A second attempt succeeded and DWB threw him through the ropes.

Killer Kyle came out of nowhere and cracked Dixie in the leg with something. DWB pulled Dixie into the ring and started stomping the injury. DWB ground his knee into Dixie’s knee and kept the pressure on.

DWB missed an elbow drop and Dixie started punching back. Dixie’s leg gave out as he tried to slam DWB and Dixie fell. DWB landed on top and maintained the pin to retain his title.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Dixie. Dixie said that the fans had seen Killer Kyle’s actions. Dixie said that no matter what Kyle had done, he was still standing.

Caudle told us that we’d see Orndorff take on Ronnie Garvin next week and said goodbye for another week.

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