Spoiler Warnings: What Happens When J’onn Visits Green Arrow’s Forest In Brightest Day #9 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi?

Landing in Star City J’onn indicates that he would never allow himself to be controlled into destroying it. The next panel however he’s cupping his eyes as his heat vision kicks in, and the next page he blows his own hands off as he unleashes his Martian Vision across the forest. His telepathy going wild as thoughts from across the Earth run through his mind, all the while the White Lantern sending him messages.

“The Green must die. You must burn it away. You have returned for a reason. You have returned for a purpose. You must choose. Choose life. Choose death.”

Of course, Ollie shows up about halfway through that message and raging J’onn smashes him into the White Lantern tree. He sees Jonn’s harness though and realizes that it’s him as J’onn latches on to the White Lantern tree and receives more messages.

“Focus. Focus your thoughts. Do not deviate. Assume control. Embrace me. Embrace you. Let life win. Let death win. This is not the Green you will burn. This is not the forest you will raze. Holes in souls. Climb out. Take hold. Let go. Dream the dream.”

J’onn has a mental image of himself and the other Martian on Mars, talking about bringing it back to life at some sort of cost.

Ollie tries to snap J’onn out of it, break him from the tree as he starts shifting from identity to identity he has had as the Lantern keeps speaking to him.

“You are not John Jones. You are not Josh Johnstone. You are not a Black Lantern. You are J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter.”

Ollie stops him by smashing him with trees. The two run from the forest as Ollie tells J’onn that nobodys powers work there, and J’onn says he won’t destroy this forest because it’s not the one from his vision.

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