10 Thoughts Review on Shadowland #3 of 5 by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan

1. The heroes all fight Daredevil in his Shadowland lair and are nearly overwhelmed in time for Punisher to show up and save him.  Moon Knight is skulking around and Ghost Rider has no idea why he’s involved, but we do: Kingpin summoned him.

2. Kingpin, as usual, has a great plan.  He’s going to use the Ghost Rider to take out the Hand.  Being summoned by Kingpin, he can no longer harm him, but if he takes out the hand, the Ghost Rider can be free, and Kingpin can pick up the pieces.  The motivation is great too- The Hand chose Matt Murdock over him so they must suffer.

3. Daredevil’s new power is apparently insane, as he can take out Shang Chi and Iron Fist at once and is merely held at bay by Spider-Man.  Master Izzo confirms that this is demonic possession and all his fault for putting Matt on this path.

4. Punisher, naturally, just wants to kill the problem.  After Civil War, even in dire straits, I don’t buy these guys working with him.  And really, at some point, just call Thor.

5. Daredevil decides to recruit Bullseye, who he killed, as a resurrected Hand soldier, but is seemingly stopped by Elektra who joins him as a double agent for Izzo.  This is seemingly like DD and his villains vs. the street heroes, with Typhoid Mary involved, suddenly.

6. Lady Bullseye still looks ridiculous.

7. Moon Knight remaining hidden in Shadowland is great, as he’s a man closely thematically linked here due to being a man who is possessed by the power of a mad, dark god.  Over in Moon Knight: Shadowland, they may make me a Moon Knight fan with his family being hunted and possibly killed while he is spying here.

8. The Beast of the Hand is a lazy, lazy name for what’s possessing Matt. And he’s less interesting as possessed rather than losing it.

9. The art of this series has improved as the series has gone on.  It’s now at good superhero fare.

10. <b>Rating: 5/10</b> – This is a perfectly acceptable issue, but this is, like Civil War before it, only showing us major events while the real story is in the tie-ins and Daredevil’s core book.  We’re getting just enough here to keep it readable.

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