10 Thoughts Review on the Incredible Hulks #612 by Greg Pak, Scott Reed and Tom Raney

1. There are two stories here.  The Hulks all try and rest and hide after stopping the Red Hulks rampage, but Red She-Hulk isn’t so happy to be a part of the big family.

2. The backup is the powerful Dark Son of Hulk, unknown twin to Skaar, finding power and likely heading towards Earth, as he wants to destroy the Old Power.

3. I’m glad to be able to jump back on the Hulk books without worrying I’ll run into Jeph Loeb’s nonsense.  With Pak here, and Parker on Rulk, things are looking up for the franchise, even if I am utterly sick of new children of the Hulk sprouting up.

4. Tom Raney has been a favored artist of mine since Stormwatch and he knocks it out of the park again here, managing both the action and human aspects of the book.

5. Red She Hulk loving her power is a nice touch and it’s also not at all a surprise to see Betty being a jerk- I’ve never been a fan of her character at all.

6. Banner relying more on Banner-tech than being Hulk is great, as is his great attempt at remaining undercover with his clan, although I’d love someone to clear up what happened to the non-Korg members of the Warbound.

7. Hulk’s other son seems a sympathetic character at this point, but one that you have to have read at least Planet Hulk through to understand at all.

8. Skaar seems trained now. Disappointing- I liked a truly savage member of the family.

9. I dislike the entire concept behind both A-Bomb and the new green She-Hulk, so I hope the former is cured and the latter sent back to the future.

10. <b>Rating: 6/10</b> – This is a solid wrap up of the previous stories with a good introduction to Hulk’s new son.  If the franchise can improve from this starting point and shed some of the dead weight from the Loeb era, it will have a new reader.

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