Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Monday Night RAW 09.06.2010 – RKO’s For Everyone

It’s the last week before Mondays go back to the pigskin, so let’s savor the moment with some action from the WWE.

We’re live from Washington, DC (and in HD) and Wade Barrett is in the ring bragging about destroying a “WWE institution”, the Undertaker. We get recaps of what happened last week. That display should put any doubt about the Nexus’ weakness and they declared themselves the new phenoms of the company. It’s amazing how they are taking 100% credit despite how Kane helped them do so. They then brag about how they took out five top WWE stars last week, including how Jericho and Edge were scared of them. Heath Slater comes forward and says a few times how he beat Sheamus as if it was some sort of treat. Justin Gabriel brags about hitting the 450 on Undertaker and John Cena in the same night. Sadly, he forgets how he ate a RKO seconds later and went down. Wade finally gets the microphone back and he says that he devenomized the viper. He will be victorious at Night of Champions to bring the title “back home” to the Nexus. To that I ask, did they ever have the title in the first place? No.

Here comes Randy Orton to shut them up for the interim. Randy explains how two Nexus’ members ate RKO’s in 30 seconds, but he won’t show that footage cause he can do it again. Randy vows to make sure that he hits Wade Barrett with a RKO. Wade challenges Randy to do so right now. This brings the RAW GMail into play. As an unit, the Nexus is unstoppable. However, they will be tested individually. Didn’t they do this a couple weeks ago? Justin Gabriel takes on John Cena and Randy Orton gets Wade Barrett. There’s a caveat, though. Nexus is banned from ringside from both matches. However, they aren’t banned from the stage – oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?


Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and the RAW GMail chimes in to chastize him for his actions last week. So the punishment for Edge and Chris Jericho is that if they don’t win their matches tonight, they will be taken out of the six pack challenge. Intrigue!

Chris Jericho v. John Morrison

Jericho attacks right at the bell and he’s beating the holy hell out of Morrison, stiffing him in the process. I hate how Michael Cole uses my words (The caveat out of all of this…). Jericho sends Morrison to the floor and he wants to know who sends Michael Cole the emails. We take a break.


We’re back and Jericho has Morrison in a sleeper. Morrison tries to get out of it, but Jericho is one step ahead of him. Jericho knees Morrison and slaps him around a bit. Morrison floats over and here comes the comeback. Jericho eats a kick and Morrison gets a two count. Jericho counters Morrison and Morrison evades the Walls. Lionsault misses…FLASH KICK DOESN’T! Two count only. Jericho with a faceplant and he’s waiting for Morrison. Codebreaker attempt, but Morrison hangs on. Morrison misses a kick and Jericho rolls him up for two. Enzugiri by Jericho for another two count. Jericho beats Morrison’s head into the canvas. Jericho mouths Morrison and we go pillar to post…Jericho meets post! Starship Pain…Jericho moves! Walls locked in and Morrion wills his way to the bottom rope! Jericho is amazed before he kicks him out of the ring. He pulls him up to the top turnbuckle. Superplex blocked and Morrison knocks Jericho off the top. Starship Pain CONNECTS! MORRISON WINS!

Winner: John Morrison
Grade: A-

Replay of Starship Pain, Morrison lands on Jericho with his legs, beautiful move. Jericho is left in the ring with his mouth bloody. He is really beside himself, wondering what is going on. He walks up the ramp as the fans cheer him on.


We’re back and the Diva’s Championship is on the line before Night of Champions.

WWE Diva’s Championship: Melina v. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox says that she will be the “undefined champion of divas” because she has more twitter followers than her and LayCool combined. Undefined, meaning…she’s nobody. Bell rings and Melina takes Alicia to the corner. Melina decks her one and split kicks her in the face. Alicia has had enough so she wants to leave. However, Melina won’t allow her to do so. Back in the ring…crossbody block gets two for Melina. Alicia sends Melina into the ropes hard and Alicia takes back control. Matrix by Melina and Melina comes right back. Melina gets on top and Alicia dumps her. Melina hits the Last Call, now dubbed the Sunset Split to retain.

Winner: Melina
Grade: D-

Physical it was, disjointed…definitely. Meanwhile, the Miz is dressed up and he wants to debut “The Road to Awesome”… Should be fun.


Backstage, Edge is with Zack Ryder and he has problems with the RAW GMail. Seems that Zack Ryder wants to be Edge’s opponent tonight, so Edge wants the GM to make the match happen or he will smash the computer into a million pieces. Zack doesn’t take being called a tool lightly.

Meanwhile, Ted DiBiase is making sweet nothings about…his mother. Seems Ted has been leaving Maryse notes in her purse. Maryse wants Ted too. Maryse goes French on Ted and he leaves. Priceless.

It’s about 10PM on the East Coast, so you all know what that means.

Justin Gabriel v. John Cena

Well, the match will happen after this break.


Next week, spin the wheel and make the deal. RAW Roulette, baby!

Welcome back, Cena’s in the ring and it’s go time. Amateur wrestling to start and we get a lockup. Gabriel locks the arm and Cena counters with a legscissors. Cena works a modified armbar before he goes to slap the kid’s chest. Gabriel draws Cena in with a test of strength before taking the cheap shot. Cena gets taken to the corner, but Cena reverses it. Pillar to post we go and Cena runs into an elbow, rolling out of the ring. Back inside we go and Gabriel does a flip senton off the ropes for two. Kicks ensue and Cena goes back down for a two count. Gabirel connects with a crossbody block in the corner, and another off the top and gets another two count. Modified half nelson locked in on Cena by Gabriel. Cena uses his strength to get out of it. Gabriel pulls off a Gutwrench suplex and gets another two count. Springboard moonsault misses his mark AND HERE COMES CENA! Protobomb connects! Five Knuckle Shuffle…he can’t see this. A.A. attempt, Gabriel plants Cena on the canvas and follows with a kick to his face. Gabriel goes up top. Cena gets back up and Cena goes for the top rope A.A. and it connects! It’s over!

Winner: John Cena
Grade: B-

Interesting to see that Michael Cole reads my Monday Night RAW Report each week. The A.A. – I called that. Caveat…I used that. It’s good to have my work recognized.

Legendary is in theatres this Friday, depending on where you live.


AWESOME! The Miz is sharply dressed and in the ring with that giant thing, but not the Money in the Bank briefcase. He recaps his career six years ago as a nobody. He had to endure people asking him why he’s here. He moved on and he did what he had to do. He got a job as the Host of SmackDown and even then, people still hated him. He does have Money in the Bank briefcase. He has the ticket to become the WWE Champion, and we all have to eat our words. He reveals the cover of WWE Magazine. He owns every issue of WWE Magazine and he dreamed of being on the cover and it has happened. He wants everyone to stand up and admit that they were wrong. He made it. He earned the right to say that he’s awesome.

But wait a moment, Daniel Bryan has something to say about it. We get the introductions. But Daniel is out here to congratulate him. They both made it…but Miz says that Daniel accompolished nothing. Daniel talks about his haircut and how he could beat Miz and take the U.S. Title. The Miz says that Daniel doesn’t deserve the title. He shows us a copy of what next month’s WWE Magazine would be like if Daniel Bryan v. the Miz takes place – and that’s that of Miz tapping. The Miz doesn’t like Daniel Bryan. He can annihiliate him. Daniel is done with the small talk, he wants a title match. The Miz accepts the match. Miz looks to attack, but Daniel Bryan locks on the LaBell Lock. Alex Riley comes in and Daniel Bryan takes the Miz out of the ring and puts the LaBell Lock on Riley. They both leave and Daniel kicks the poster off the stand. The match is set for Night of Champions.

Now maybe pay the rights to Europe and get The Final Countdown for Daniel Bryan. That generic rock music just won’t do.


Last week, Edge gets DQ’ed purposely.

Edge v. The Great Khali

This just in from the BlackBerry, John Cena will face the winner of Randy Orton v. Wade Barrett next week. Edge’s opponent is the Great Khali, so Edge is looking to break the laptop. The referee stops that and Edge plays keep away from Khali. Khali gives chase and Edge beats the count back in the ring.

Winner via Countout: Edge

The RAW GMail chimes in again and decrees the victory null and void. The match will be restarted as a No DQ Over-the-top Rope challenge after the commercials.


Our match is restarted and Khali is pissed off. Edge is in trouble as Khali sends Edge to the ropes. Edge goes under the ropes while Khali walks over the top and is not eliminated. Michael Cole is dumbfounded. So the match continues and Edge gets tossed through the second rope and he trips Khali up to get him over the top. What a mess.

Winner: Edge
Grade: FTS


We recap the card for Night of Champions. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho is with Josh Matthews, who reminds him about last week. Josh asks Chris his future plans. Jericho has no comment as he stares off into space. Josh is replaced with John Morrison. He asks Chris if he still thinks he’s the best in the world in what he does. He says that things will get better. He asks Jericho if he understands. Can we get a Jericho/Morrison team?

Sheamus is out for color commentary for our main event…next!


So we have Sheamus, Edge, and John Cena on commentary.

Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton

Randy Orton wastes no time in beating Barrett to the punch. Orton beats Barrett into the announce table and he stiffs him on the outside. Back in the ring, Orton continues the pressure on Barrett. Barrett makes a comeback and he mounts him. He chokes Orton in the ropes as the champion whines and Cena puts Sheamus in his place. IT’S NOT FAIR! The way you won the title wasn’t fair. Orton comes back, but Barrett has a response with a sidewalk slam for two. Barrett goes for Wasteland, but Orton counters. Orton fires a clothesline and he goes for a powerslam. Hangman DDT is countered and Orton gets scooped outside. Darren Young makes his way on the stage and he’s not leaving without a fight. He’s going to show Barrett why he’s the Missing Link. Barrett is distracted…RKO! Barrett goes down! Orton invites Darren Young in the ring…for a RKO!

Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: C

Edge comes in…RKO! Sheamus…you guessed it. Orton celebrates. Cena gets inside the ring and he faces off with Randy Orton. Tensions flare inside the ring as we go off air.

Show Over.

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