10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 09.06.2010 feat. Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Hello once again ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another 10 Thoughts on Raw. If you’d like to read more wrestling thoughts and analysis, including more on Chris Jericho’s replacement for Night of Champions and a quick analysis of Miz’s Raw promo, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Now on with the thoughts!

1. Solid promo from The Nexus that really made what they did last week seem like a big deal. It’s important for them to seem like they can still accomplish what they need to. They must look even more dangerous than they did before they suffered that loss.

2. Randy Orton definitely got his chance to look like a true badass by heading to the ring to face off with five men. His character can get away with doing something brave and stupid. If Cena did that, we’d all be complaining about Superman.

3. So John Morrison (and his fantastic beard) beats Chris Jericho and thus Jericho is removed from Night of Champions. This was a great opportunity for John Morrison. He got a high profile victory on TV, which is better than being in worthless segments with Ted Dibiase. For thoughts on Jericho’s replacement check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

4. Was Michael Cole actually jealous of The Miz talking to Josh Matthews? I’m really enjoying this side of Cole. I’d love to see Cole name himself The Miz’s personal interviewer.

5. Zach Ryder could really be a star with his sense of humor and in ring ability. He almost reminds of me Edge, where he will need something to really push his character to the next level.

6. John Cena did get his pinfall back from Justin Gabriel, but Gabriel still gains a lot from his pin last week. His 450 splash looks as vicious as any finisher in WWE.

7. Great promo from The Miz, as usual. I think it will take Daniel Bryan some time to really find himself on the mic in WWE again. However, the anti-superstar gimmick is a great one.

8. Was there a reason to have Edge vs Great Khali twice? Was the show running short? Just do the match and get it over with.

9. What’s going on with Morrison and Jericho? This could be a really fun story for the two of them. Anything that will get John Morrison in a more serious spot and Chris Jericho elevating a young talent is a good thing.

10. Really? Darren Young is back? Do we need this?

10.5. John Cena vs Randy Orton is a huge main event for the first Raw up against Monday Night Football. It will be interesting to hear the crowd reactions for this match, since it is the top two babyfaces on the brand. Could this be the night the Randy Orton eclipses John Cena?

That’s all I’ve got for this week folks. Make sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com for thoughts on a replacement for Chris Jericho. I’ll be back here on Thursday with another brilliant People’s Column.

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