Ridley Scott Eyeing Gemma Aterton for Alien Prequel

Ridley Scott is hard at work preparing for his planned Alien prequels. Besides a few details about the film’s atmosphere and general themes, not much is known about the movies’ plot or details. It hasn’t even been completely confirmed that the films would even feature human characters.

One detail that has emerged recently came from an interview actress Gemma Arterton had recently with The Times.

“Ridley Scott saw Alice Creed and loved it,” the actress said. “He wants me to meet for Aliens: The Remake, or something.”

While this is by no means a casting confirmation, it does give us a clue into what Scott has in mind for his prequels. Scott, as you may recall, helped introduce the world to the idea of an ass-kicking female action hero with Sigourney Weaver’s role as Ellen Ripley in Alien. While Arterton’s work in special effects heavy films such as Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans has not exactly been Oscar caliber material, the actress has gotten some pretty rave reviews for her work in The Disappearance of Alice Creed and Tamara Drewe. It’s not hard to believe that the actress is on Scott’s radar as he searches for this generation’s next alien stomper. With the role of Lizbeth Salander cast in the American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a female lead in the Alien prequels could be the next hot ticket for the current crop of young Hollywood actresses.

The real question is how the recently announced sequel to Clash of the Titans which is currently being fast-tracked at Warner Brothers may interfere with Scott’s schedule for shooting the Alien prequels. If everything works out, though, Arterton would be a fine choice to join the Alien franchise. Now how’s about we see some details about the story, though?

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