DR TNA: The Holding Pattern

Greetings to everyone, during an off week for TNA Wrestling.  As you likely know, there was no iMPACT this week.  Given that, I was a bit unsure where to take this week’s column.  To be honest, it’s been difficult the last few weeks to think of a topic I felt would hold reader’s attention.  (Feel free to insert your own joke about the quality of my writing or the level of my intellect.)

The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that one very important reason why this may be becoming more difficult, if because I feel that TNA has operated a bit like it has been in a holding pattern these last few weeks.  If you doubt this and are a regular watcher, quickly tell me the most news worthy event that has unfolded since EV 2.0 first stormed the ring.

Yes, we had that bizarre Abyss attack that knocked out RVD.  We also had the EV 2.0 guys given contracts.  Fortune has stirred up some trouble and I also have acknowledged that TNA picked the right 4 guys to compete for the vacated title.

However, if I had to tell you what has been the major storyline that has been driving TNA the last few weeks, I would have to spend some time deciding how to respond.  That’s not good news if you are trying to keep fans involved.

Thus far I have still looked forward to watching iMPACT each week and I was disappointed that there was no show on Thursday.   However, can all of you say the same?  If you’re reading this column, you likely are more than a casual viewer, so you may not be the best guide, but ask yourself this:  do you think they are doing a good job of holding the attention of the average fan?

While there was no iMPACT this week that was an interview with Dixie Carter posted Thursday on YouTube that you can check out if you need a fix for the week.  I don’t know that there is anything ground breaking in there, but there are some interesting parts.  The interview is in the first 30 minutes of the clip.  Around the 19 minute mark, Dixie does allude to a “change” that is coming on October 7.  I’m not going to speculate as to what that might be, but we all know the various rumors upon which people may speculate.

I am a self admitted “fan of TNA.”  I don’t claim to be an objective journalist, when it comes to this column.  I want to believe Dixie when she says “change is coming.”  I want to believe that change is going to be substantial.  I also want to believe the statements from Abyss that “they” will finally reveal themselves on 10.10.10 making “Bound for Glory” into a newsworthy event.  I want to believe these things, because I want the show to be successful.

In the end though, I find myself only able to muster cautious optimism, for now.  I worry that if I go “all in,” I may be setting myself up for disappointment.  That said, if there is a directional change coming and it provides some momentum, you’ll see me reaching for that stack of chips pretty quickly.

In the end, I guess I’ve somewhat put my emotional investment in TNA in a holding pattern, as well.

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