Is Batman Joining The Sinestro Corps?

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I’d heard that Mattel was doing a Sinestro Corps Batman figure and I figured that it was most likely just going to be done off of the design from that one panel he had the ring a few years back, and really just as an excuse to put out another Batman. Oddly enough though, that may not be the case.

Action Figure Insider has a story up about it and they note that when asked about why the design differed from the single viewing we’d had in the comics, the answer was that this figure was from an upcoming storyline. Now, that could just be the company covering that they didn’t realize they got it wrong, or more probably, sector 2814 doesn’t have a Sinestro Corps member. It wouldn’t be unheard of for it to latch on to the most fear inspiring person on DC’s Earth…..the God Damn Batman.

Too bad the giant Sinestro Corps logo makes the bio unreadable, right?

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