One Year in Knoxville – August 22, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d be hearing about something going on with Brian Lee. We’d also see Tim Horner and the Rock n Roll Express competing, and we’d hear about Jim Cornette’s efforts to get the Heavenly Bodies a tag team title rematch against the Fantastics. Caudle added that today’s main event would see Ronnie Garvin taking on Paul Orndorff.

Mantell announced that the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright would be his guests on Down and Dirty with Dutch. In addition, Dutch promised that, in honor of the Olympics, he’d be giving his own ratings for the matches on TV today.

From there we headed to the ring where Mike Sampson was waiting. “When the Thunder Rolls” started playing and Tim Horner made his entrance.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Horner got a quick roll-up on Sampson, who immediately grabbed the ropes to force the break. Another lockup saw Sampson get a headlock that he turned into a hammerlock. Sampson and Horner traded the hold until Sampson took Horner down. Sampson dropped for a headlock that Horner escaped and got another hammerlock.

Sampson returned to his feet and Horner cranked on the arm. The hold turned into a test of strength that Horner won. Horner ran up the ropes and hit an armdrag on Sampson, then followed up with a hip toss. Horner armdragged him again and covered for a two. Dutch’s verdict of the move was a 2.3.

The two locked up again and Horner went back to the arm wringer before locking in an armbar. Sampson whipped his way free and Horner shoulderblocked him down. Horner ran the ropes and Sampson leapfrogged him. Horner rolled under Sampson and put him down with a dropkick.

Horner returned to his feet and Sampson hiptossed him down and then missed with an elbow drop. Horner hit an armdrag and turned it into an armbar. Sampson fought back to his feet and backed Horner into the corner to force the break. Sampson backed up, and then punched Horner in the face behind the referee’s back. Sampson pounded on Horner a minute and then slammed him in the middle of the ring. Sampson covered for a two and started clubbing Horner again.

Sampson whipped Horner into the ropes and caught him with a back elbow, then started choking him in the ropes. Sampson broke before the five count and hit a snap mare to take Horner down. Sampson started choking again and then went back to punches. Sampson sent Horner head-first into the turnbuckle and Horner started fighting back.

Horner blocked a suplex, turned him, and hit one of his own. Horner punched Sampson as Dutch refused to rate the move, then he whipped Sampson into the ropes and put him down with a back elbow. Horner followed with a snap suplex and then pulled Sampson back up. Horner whipped Sampson, who dodged a slam and tried for a slam of his own. Horner escaped and rolled Sampson up, then bridged the move to get the win.

From there we went to a video of Horner at an MDA dinner. Horner was shown losing an arm wrestling match to event chair Jerry Bowden.

We then joined Horner and Caudle for a word at commentary. Caudle complimented Horner on appearing at the dinner, and then said that agreed that Horner deserved a title shot. Horner explained that he couldn’t get Dirty White Boy or Ron White to give him a title shot, but he thought he’d represent the fans well as their champion.

Bob Armstrong then joined the interview to show a Wanted poster with a picture of Brian Lee on it. Armstrong explained the posters had been up for two weeks. Armstrong then read that the poster promised ten thousand dollars in cash to anyone who injured Brian Lee so badly that he could no longer compete.

Lee came into the interview as Armstrong denounced the poster and said that this was not something he wanted to see in SMW. Armstrong also promised Lee that he’d do everything he could to find out who was behind the bounty and would make them pay.

Lee thanked Armstrong and said that he didn’t know who was behind the posters, but now he knew that he couldn’t focus on DWB – now he had to worry about getting attacked everywhere he went. However, Lee refused to hide and told the attackers he’d be waiting for them.

We came back from commercial to hear Caudle introduce interviews from both the Bodies and the Fantastics.

Jim Cornette and the Bodies were up first. Cornette advised that he’d called home and his mother had put ten thousand dollars up to see that the Bodies could defeat the Fantastics. The Bodies confirmed that they could win the match and Cornette issued the challenge – he’d put up the ten thousand dollars if the Fantastics would give the Bodies a title shot.

Jackie Fulton told the Bodies that they’d forced the Fantastics to wait for a title shot after he’d been injured, and now it was the Bodies’ turn to wait. Bobby advised that the Bodies would not get a title shot, and said that they might offer more money if they got more desperate.

From there we headed to the ring. Tommy Angel and Danny Davis were already waiting. “Frankenstein” ushered out Cornette and the Bodies.

Cornette ordered the music stopped and warned the fans to keep the noise down due to Stan Lane’s busted eardrum. Predicatably, the fans began booing them even louder as Lane fell to the mat holding his ear.

The bell rang and Angel started off against Lane. Lane kept playing up the ear injury as Angel egged the fans on. Finally the two locked up and Angel backed Lane into a corner. Another lockup saw Angel get an armwringer. He and Lane traded the move before they traded whips and Angel shoulderblocked Lane to the mat. Angel dodged a slam attempt by Lane and slapped the sides of his head. Lane let out a yell and Angel took advantage of the opportunity by rolling him up for a pin that Lane escaped at two.

Angel slammed Lane and followed with a dropkick. Angel whipped Lane and Lane caught Angel with a neckbreaker.

Prichard tagged in and missed an elbow drop as Dutch rated the neckbreaker at a 9.8. We came back to the ring to see that Davis had tagged in. Prichard pulled Davis’s hair and backed him into the corner. Davis reversed a whip and Prichard dodged a backdrop that led to Davis putting Prichard down with a chop.

Prichard begged off and the two locked up. Prichard sent Davis into the corner and the two started trading chops with Prichard coming out the worse. Prichard raked Davis’s eyes and tagged Lane in.

Lane hit a sidewalk slam on Davis and Prichard dropped an elbow, then started stomping away. Lane came back in and landed a side kick as Prichard held Davis. Lane whipped Davis and took him down with a clothesline. Lane picked Davis up and whipped him, then telegraphed a backdrop. Davis rolled Lane up and Prichard hit the ring to break up the pin.

Prichard slammed Davis and missed an elbow drop. Davis tagged Angle in and Angel started taking down both Bodies with punches and body slams. Prichard took Angel down with a clothesline and then hit a backbreaker. Lane covered and got the win for the Bodies.

We came back from break to find Buddy Landel and Paul Lee with Bob Caudle. Landel announced that he was taking Lee under his wing. Lee said that the Nature Boy was the greatest wrestler of all time, and the Nature Boy was Buddy Landel. Landel promised to put Lee’s talent to use as they faced off with the Rock n Roll Express.

We headed to the ring, where Landel and Lee were waiting. The crowd erupted as the Rock n Roll Express made their entrance.

Landel started off against Robert Gibson. The two locked up and Landel backed Gibson into the corner for some punishment. Gibson reversed an Irish whip and hiptossed Landel to the mat. Gibson followed with a headscissors takedown and tagged Ricky Morton in.

Robert whipped Landel and Ricky caught him with another headscissors takedown. Morton gave a shot to Paul Lee as Dutch announced that Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller had arrived in the commentary area.

Morton covered for a two. Gibson got a shot at Landel and Morton took him down, prompting him to tag Paul Lee in.

The two locked up and Morton backed Lee into the corner, then whipped him across the ring. Lee flipped over the top turnbuckle and started down the apron to find Gibson waiting. A punch from Gibson put Lee down and he rolled back into the ring. Morton picked him up and tagged Gibson. Morton his a shot to Lee’s gut and Morton followed up with a knee lift as Fuller announced that the “great reunion” going on at the time wasn’t the Express, it was the Stud Stable.

Landel evaded a tag and Robert got a headlock on Lee. Lee whipped free and Gibson put him down as Dutch got another rating ready. Landel dodged another tag by working his boot laces and Gibson pulled Lee across the ring. Meanwhile, Fuller rated the Express at a 2.7.

Morton snapmared Lee down and grabbed his leg. Gibson tagged in and came over the ropes to land on Lee’s leg. Landel refused another tag and Morton tagged in. Morton kept the pressure on and started working Lee’s knee. Gibson tagged in and kicked Lee’s knee. Lee scrambled across the ring to find Landel still unwilling to tag in.

Gibson dragged him back across the ring and the Express snapped Lee’s legs back, hit a double back elbow to Landel, and then stereo dropkicks to Lee. Both members of the Express covered for a win. Landel then entered the ring and berated Lee for the loss.

We came back from commercial to Down and Dirty with Dutch. Dutch introduced his guests, the DWB and Ron Wright. Dutch congratulated the DWB for his title win and also expressed his gratitude that Wright’s dream had finally come true.

Wright said that he’d had to leave his hospital bed to be sure that DWB wasn’t robbed. Now that DWB was the champion, Wright said that he’d gone to a better heart medication so his heart was getting stronger, and he was also getting money in the back toward his hip implant. Wright then expressed his joy at getting out of his wheelchair after the surgery.

Dutch then asked the DWB what he thought the future held for him. DWB advised that he had nothing coming but greatness. He promised Wright that he would have his operations, and he’d be out of the chair before he knew it. DWB then proclaimed that he’d be a fighting champion who’d face Ronnie Garvin, Paul Orndorff, the Rock n Roll Express, the Heavenly Bodies, or the Fantastics. He advised that whoever he’d face he’d leave the champion.

Dutch then asked what DWB thought about giving Tim Horner a shot. DWB told Horner that he wasn’t a top contender to the belt, so he wouldn’t get a shot any time soon.

We came back from commercial to find Robbie Eagle waiting in the ring. Brian Lee then made his entrance and headed down the aisle.

Eagle attacked before the bell rang and whipped Lee. Lee stepped over a backdrop attempt and slammed Eagle down. Lee hit a hiptoss and a dropkick that sent Eagle staggering into the corner.

The two locked up again and Lee started cranking on Eagle’s arm before punching him. Lee hit a snapmare and kicked Eagle in the back, then whipped him into a sidewalk slam.

Lee picked Eagle up and slammed him, then dropped an elbow. Lee pulled Eagle up and punched him, then whipped him again. Lee telegraphed a backdrop and Eagle stopped it with a boot to the face. Eagle climbed the ropes and Lee caught him by slamming him off the top rope. Lee planted Eagle with the Cancellation and covered for the win.

After the match ended the mystery man came in and whipped Lee across the ring, then put him down with a clothesline. The mystery man hit a leg drop and an elbow drop. The mystery man followed with a head butt and fled the ring again as Tim Horner and the Express came out to help.

We came back from commercial to find Orndorff and Garvin already in the ring. The bell rang and the two locked up. The men battled around the ring until Orndorff wound up on the ropes to force the break.

Garvin hit a knee lift and went to a headlock. Orndorff backed Garvin into the corner to force another break and the two warily backed off before Orndorff landed a punch to Garvin’s face.

Orndorff took Garvin down and got in a stomp before arguing with referee Mark Curtis. Orndorff returned to stomping as Garvin clung to the bottom rope. Orndorff snapmared Garvin down and dropped an elbow. Garvin pulled himself up and Orndorff staggered him with a shot to the jaw. Orndorff kept punching as Garvin sagged into the ropes before falling to the mat.

Orndorff stomped Garvin, stopping only as Garvin pulled himself back to his feet. Curtis prevented another punch from Orndorff and Garvin landed a right hand to Orndorff, sending him to the mat.

Garvin rammed Orndorff’s head into the turnbuckle and then chopped Orndorff down before covering for a two count.

Garvin got a headlock. Orndorff whipped free and the two cracked their heads together. Garvin was first to his feet and picked up Orndorff for a piledriver. Curtis warned that the move was illegal and Orndorff backdropped his way out of it. Garvin held on to try and flip Orndorff down, but Orndorff landed a punch and covered for a two. Garvin reversed the pin and got a two of his own.

Orndorff took Garvin down and called for a piledriver of his own. Orndorff set Garvin up, but Garvin held on to the ropes to block. Orndorff got Garvin free and Garvin backdropped free.

Garvin landed another punch and then two head butts. Garvin followed with a sleeper before covering for a two because Orndorff got a foot on the ropes. Garvin tried again and got another two as Orndorff got the other foot on the ropes. A third try saw Orndorff wiggle a shoulder free. Garvin tried again and Orndorff got another shoulder up.

Garvin pulled Orndorff up and went for a backslide that earned a two. Garvin hit another two headbutts and Orndorff raked his eyes.

Orndorff whipped Garvin and Garvin dodged a clothesline before landing another punch that put Orndorff down. Garvin called for a piledriver and picked Orndorff up. Curtis kept warning Garvin as he picked Orndorff up. Curtis blocked the move, so Garvin released Orndorff and started arguing with Mark Curtis.

Curtis kept explaining the rules as Orndorff fought to get up. Garvin started stomping on Orndorff instead. Garvin jumped onto Orndorff and got another two. Garvin rammed Orndorff’s face into the mat twice and covered for another two.

Orndorff hit a head butt below the belt on Garvin to turn the tide. Orndorff stood and drove a knee into Garvin’s head. Orndorff hit a backbreaker and covered for a two.

Orndorff stomped Garvin and started choking Garvin. Orndorff then sent Garvin’s head into the turnbuckle. Garvin tried to clear the cobwebs and Orndorff slammed him into the buckle again. Orndorff slugged him in the gut and hit a knee lift. Ondorff then went up the ropes. He hit a punch to the back of Garvin’s head and called for the piledriver. Orndorff got Garvin into position and Curtis blocked the move again. Curtis refused to let Orndorff hit the move and Orndorff shoved Curtis down. Garvin slipped up behind Orndorff and rolled him over. Without counting, Curtis awarded the match to Garvin.

Orndorff grabbed a chair and threatened Curtis with it as we went to commercial.

We came back to commentary, where Caudle was talking with Garvin. Garvin said that his problems with Orndorff had to end. He advised that he’d come because Smoky Mountain had called him to help out Brian Lee, despite being nearly retired. Garvin said that Orndorff had pulled him out of retirement with his bragging and promised to piledrive Orndorff. Caudle advised that next week we’d see the Rock n Roll Express face the Stud Stable and said goodbye for another week.

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