James Gunn Sells Super To IFC Films

James Gunn, the former Troma kid and director of Slither, has sold his latest movie Super to IFC Films.

Super stars Rainn Wilson as a man who decides to fight crime after his wife (played by Liv Tyler) leaves him for a seductive drug dealer played by Kevin Bacon. Donning a hand-made suit and wielding a wrench, Wilson’s character becomes the Crimson Bolt. Ellen Page co-stars as the Bolt’s crazed sidekick Boltie.

Deadline broke the news about IFC Films’ acquisition of the U.S. rights to Gunn’s movie after it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. The film will be released under the IFC Midnight banner. Super was the subject of a bidding war between IFC, Magnolia and at least three other studios with the film eventually selling for seven-figures. In response to the deal, Gunn, who also wrote the film, tweeted“In celebration I am right now jerking off over my deal memo!! Whoo hoo!!”

Super has been getting some pretty rave reviews from the Toronto Film Festival — with most who have seen it calling the movie delightfully twisted and even more messed-up than Kick-Ass. Those who have seen the film have compared it to Taxi Driver with a Troma twist. Michael Rooker, Andre Royo, Linda Cardellini, Nathan Fillion and Rob Zombie also make appearances in the film.

I for one can’t wait to see Super sooner than later. Hopefully the film will get some form of widespread theatrical release — something that IFC Films hasn’t been the best at doing. Even if I have to wait for video, though, I look forward to watching Super, the latest proof that James Gunn is a sick, sick man. And God bless him for that.

In the meantime, check out this NSFW clip from the film:

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