Weeds – Episode 6-3 Review

Episode three better get us into the season. They’ve wrapped up the season five cliffhangers. They’ve set up the season six theme of Botwins on the run with new identities. Now it’s time to deal in a here and now. The dark themes including the homicidal son needs to lighten up. There needs to be a little family love here instead of grown ups stuck in a mini-van.

“A Yippity Sippity” presents the credits on a hotel room key card. Dr. Kitson (Alanis Morissette) relates the birth of Nancy’s baby on a videotape interview. She doesn’t know where they went. But she cries. Maybe she misses Andy after all. Nancy, Andy and Silas stand outside the picket line protesting a fancy hotel. They need money. As the Newmans, they have no problem crossing the line. The hotel manager (Patrick Fischler) gives them entry level jobs of maid (Nancy), dishwasher (Andy) and bellhop (Silas).  Back at their dumpy motel, Nancy attempts a positive spin on their career tracts. He wonders what would have happened if she’d gotten a normal job after his father died. It’s not a happy fantasy since it involves selling the house. She points out stuff would have happened including Shane killing someone. The son agrees. He’s a Dexter.

While Andy and Silas get ready for work Shane gets stuck in the hotel room with the baby. After they leave, he grabs the baby so they can have an adventure. At the fancy hotel, Andy’s mouth puts him on the bad side of the chef (Peter Stormare). He’s not amused at being given food tips by the dishwasher. Nancy gets stuck with an extremely trashed bedroom that requires industrial cleaning. Silas brings up the bags for Joe O’Connor. He’s a nice guy who likes to tip. He wants Silas to read him a book in his underwear. His eyes get tired. Shane gets driven nuts because the stroller wheel is busted. At a baby store, he’s told a new stroller is $800. The store owner (Michael Kostroff) won’t cut him a break.

Nancy’s next room has a naked guy cuffed to the bed and covered in urine. His paid domme split and left the keys on dresser. Nancy isn’t ready to uncuff until the guy agrees to change the bed. Back in the kitchen, Andy chit chats with the chef that’s not going to stoop for a conversation. He chokes Andy to shut him up. Nancy sits in the bar and flirts with a guy. He tells her he’s with the FBI. She’s shocked until he jokes it’s the “Federal Bureau of Interested in You.” She lies about owning her own dance studio after being in Paris. She admits when it comes to relationships, she has a history of killing things that should work out. Before things get steamy, the manager yanks her from the stool since there’s no staff allowed in the bar. She has to clean the nasty bed from the naked guy. At least he left a $100 tip. Silas confesses to Andy about the offer to read in his underwear. Andy’s done worse for less. He suggest boxers for a dress code. Nancy meets them at the mini-van with swiped mini-bar booze bottles. He chats with the piano player about scoring a little weed. Nancy’s ears perk up when she hears the hotel’s regular dealer is on strike. She swears she’s going straight.

The next day Nancy shows up at an office to get hooked up for medical marijuana. The official can’t approve her without a doctor’s consent. Nancy gets out of this sticky moment when the official wants her shoes. She gives them up without a fight. Nancy arrives at the dealer’s house with an ice coffee in her hand. The hippie grower (Linda Hamilton) won’t sell Nancy more than what she can pay for in cash. She’s sells for personal use only. Nancy spots the massive bags of trimmings. A hippie kid comes out playing with a toy and making a zapping sound. His hippie mom warns him that those better be peace rays. Nancy mentions how with little boys it’s always kill, kill, kill. Before the waterworks start, Nancy buys the trimmings.

Shane hauls the baby on a harness. He also gets back to a life of crime as he steals a baby stroller. Nancy puts the trimmings cleaning bags and tosses them into dryer with ice. Andy’s cake for the chef gets turned into an ashtray. Silas reads a choose your own adventure book in his underwear for the guest. Andy and Silas discover Nancy’s new normal life involves making hash instead of just selling pot.

Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) arrives at the house back in California. He wonders where everyone has gone, but discovers Cesar is there. Before he can do much, there’s a gun at his forehead.

Finally we’re back to a fun level of darkness with the twisted hotel antics. Andy’s love-hate antics with the chef brings him back to his puppy dog nature. Nancy’s back in the game with a hotel instead of a suburban neighborhood. It felt like an episode and not a dot connecting exercise.

There’s a lot of great guest stars here. Fischler is best known for being comic Jimmy Barrett on Mad Men. He promoted Utz chips while Don Draper bagged his wife. He also appeared on Lost without his wife sleeping with the smoke monster. Stormare will always be a star as the kidnapper in Fargo. Linda Hamilton used to fight Terminators. Joe O’Connor was the dad on Clarissa Explains It All. Michael Kostroff was the lawyer to all the best gangs in The Wire. The best familiar face belongs to Kevin Nealon. He’ll bring the insanity back to the show.

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