Post-Brightest Day ongoing series news? Firestorm, Aquaman, & more?

In the not surprising category, but still interesting is some late cryptic news out of Fan Expo 2010.

Rumor of New Firestorm Ongoing Series After Brightest Day!

Brandon Leonard, a long-time fellow Firestorm Fan, contacted me last week with some big news! While at a fan expo in Toronto, a certain creator from DC mentioned that he’d been offered a chance to write a new ongoing Firestorm comic! The creator indicated that he turned down the offer because he already had too many projects. The creator went on to say that a writer Brandon would love has accepted the assignment. Finally, the creator mentioned that everyone coming out of Brightest Day “alive” would be getting a new ongoing.

Wow! What a scoop! My thanks to Brandon for sending this information my way. Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this actually happens!

Source: Firestorm Fan

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