10 Thoughts on WWE NXT: 09.14.2010 – Vickie Guerrero, Naomi, Maxine

After last week’s train wreck I really don’t know if I can survive the last few episodes of NXT. At least this thing ends on September 28th.

1. Who came up with the “sexy, smart, and powerful” phrase to describe the divas? It sounds so forced and stupid when it’s delivered.

2. Well I see that Michael Cole hasn’t wasted any time getting on my nerves by hyping Vickie Guerrero. This heel shtick Cole only annoys me because it sounds forced. If it sounded convincing I’d probably eat it up. I know a lot of us think he’s the mystery GM, but if he is I wish they would go ahead and pull the trigger on that.

3. Mixed tag matches have such weird rules. In some of them the men are forced to face the men and women face the women, but this match didn’t seem to strictly have those restrictions. Also, is it really good to have the Intercontinental Champion taking a bump for a woman after three slaps? Despite those issues, Dolph and Primo had a nice quick match once the ladies got out of the ring.

4. Maxine looked like a completely different person in her vignette. I’d rather she have that look than the one she sported last week. It looks less trashy and more professional.

5. Naomi is the only one of these six women that stands out. She has a unique look and it doesn’t hurt that she’s the most athletic of the bunch.

6. Okay, I’ll take some of my Michael Cole hatred back after his comment that he wished Naomi won every competition so the show ended earlier. That was classic. Cole’s gong thing was really random and over the top, but I can’t say I disagreed with his argument. Someone must have talked to him during the break because he really toned down his act. Too bad.

7. Interesting video package for Kane and the Undertaker. They really went into the archives to put it together.

8. They should’ve made William Regal a pro on this season’s edition, given him a trashy diva, and scripted some interactions where he tried to make her more of a lady. Then again, they really didn’t do a lot of pro-rookie interaction stuff after the first season of this show.

9. No Goldust segments? What is wrong with this show? Just give Dustin a mic and let him interact with the divas. If the show was 30 minutes of Goldust the ratings would skyrocket. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening since Goldust really isn’t made for the TV-PG era.

10. If Vickie doing the obstacle course was supposed to be funny, it should’ve had more humorous elements to it. I really just felt sorry for her as she ran it.

10 (+1). So with Cole leaving the booth who replaces him next week? Does Matthews go solo? My guess is they’ll do the least shocking thing possible and move Todd Grisham into the spot.

Well that’s another episode in the books. The first half wasn’t terrible, but the second half really dragged once Cole and Matthews were forced to tone down the commentary.

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