Spoiler Warnings: Is Everything Good With The Firestorm Matrix In Brightest Day #10 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi?

While some thought that Firestorm would now be the old school Ronnie version with Jason in his head, it’s been revealed that either of them can be the body with the other providing the mind, which means that Jason’s Firestorm look still happens, and actually opens up the issue. The thing about this, though, is that now Firestorm is only as capable as the mind….the mind being the floating head. So when Jason is providing the body, they’re limited by Ronnie’s lack of science skill, whereas when Ronnie is the body they have the advantage of genius Jason.

Firestorm is only increasing in power though, but the problem is that it’s unstable. The ungloved hand is this awesome fire looking effect that freaks Ronnie right the hell out.

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