WWE’s Matt Hardy Responds to Paul London, Says there will be more YouTube Videos

Latest from Matt Hardy’s twitter

“I hope everyone is doing great today, all is good on my end. Things are happening in a way that will make me happy. Be well my friends! :)”

“Take 2-If you’re a serious author who would be interested in possibly working with me on an autobiography, please send me a link to your resume, credentials, & website via Twitter. I’m looking for someone to help me with this exciting project. Thanks!”

“I have several projects that I’ll be doing in the imminent future that I’m very excited about, one of them being a Matt Hardy autobiography.”

“I’m excited 4 the change that lies ahead, so are my mind & body. Regardless of what is written about me, thx 4 keeping my name out there ;)”

“I’m off to the gym, it’s time for me to be me. I say thanks to everyone who are my true, supportive friends & fans, I love ya! Adios amigos!”

When someone asked him if he will continue doing Youtube videos he said “I’ll be doing them more regularly than ever actually.”

In one of his funnier tweets, He said Paul London was “a mess” and felt sorry for him regarding some comments London said about him.

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