Concept Art for a Live-Action Voltron Film is Incredible

There have been rumors about a film adapted from from the eighties cartoon series Voltron for many years now, but nothing was ever really being done about it. Eventually the news and rumors just stopped completely and the dreams of many 25 to 35 year old men died painfully.

Well resurrect those dreams gentlemen because it looks as if our hops of a live-action Voltron movie may live on. somehow got their hands on some concept art (pictured below) that has been designed for the possible film and it looks absolutely incredible. The newest one they have received is a look at the Blue Lion and it is amazing just how good it looks. The other images show Voltron and Robeast battling it out here on Earth or more specifically, New York City.

Voltron was a fantastic animated television series in the eighties that told the story of five robot lions which were controlled by a group of kids that could band together and form one super lion. The kids were the pilots of the lions which could transform into the appendages and body parts of the super lion whenever all their strengths were needed together at once. Their arch-nemesis King Zarkon would disple giant “robeasts” out to try and destroy them.

The man who happens to be behind the images is a Swedish artist named Andree Wallin. Rumros abound that screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan, Sahara, Dr. Strange) are going to sit down together and write the script for the film.

At least they’re off to a good start because if they can help make the movie nearly as cool as these pieces of art then they will truly succeed. With the success of Transformers, it’s not a surprise that talks of cartoons like Voltron, He-Man, and Thundercats are all being mentioned as possible new franchises.

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