10 Thoughts on WWE Night of Champions 2010 feat Randy Orton Winning the WWE Championship

Welcome folks to a special Sunday edition of 10 Thoughts. For more thoughts on this show and the implications of the Randy Orton WWE Championship win check out itswilltime.wordpress.com. Now on with my thoughts!

1.Serviceable opener with Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. I enjoy how they made it seem like Kofi ran out of chances in the match itself. Good effort between the two, but we’ve just seen it so many times.

2. CM Punk tried so hard to turn his hometown against him. Sadly, he could not.

3. It’s sad to see CM Punk buried by Big Show’s fist so quickly. I guess that WWE did not want him to be cheered for too long.

4. Chris Jericho is so brilliant on the mic that within minutes all of his credibility can return. WWE overuses this aspect of his character far too much.

5. It was refreshing to see a video package for a mid card championship match. Miz and Daniel Bryan can elevate this championship.

6. Fantastic match between Miz and Bryan. The crowd was in a frenzy by the end of that one. Daniel Bryan is proving that he can make PPV moments.

7. Kane and Undertaker had a better match than they did at Wrestlemania XX. They used a lot of tricks with the brawl through the crowd and No DQ stipulation, but made it entertaining for the viewers.

Interesting choice allowing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre to be on Raw and Smackdown. Hopefully they’ll make the most of this and allow the two great heel characters to get over all around the WWE.

8. Chris Jericho’s departure was made to be a major moment in this show. If he is gone for longer than his band’s European tour, this was a fitting departure for the character.

9. Really Michael Cole? We’re calling the Attitude Adjustment the AA now? Are John Cena and CM Punk going to be the sobriety team now?

10. Randy Orton’s win was made to look like a major moment in history. Hopefully this will be replayed to make this show look like a big deal for the future.

That’s all for tonight everyone! I’ll be back with 10 Thoughts on Raw and on Thursday with The People’s Column. Check out itswilltime.wordpress.com for more thoughts on this show!

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