DR. TNA – No More Shades of Grey (at least in one rivalry)

I am about to make a couple rather bold statements.  Two for which I would normally call myself out  for engaging in hyperbole, but I ask that you hear me out and watch this clip before making a final judgment.  Sound fair?  Here goes….

This week’s TNA may very well have featured one of the best mic works I’ve seen.


It may have established/continued one of the biggest baby face versus outright heel feuds I have ever seen.

If you watched Thursday’s show, then you likely know the segment to which I refer.  Tommy Dreamer, tired of seeing his friends being beat down week after week, and fresh of his loss in an “I quit” match to A.J. Styles, took to the ring and set up this segment.  It’s in two parts because of the length, but if you have not seen it, I promise you.  It is worth the time.

Part One

Part Two

If you are a regular DR TNA reader, you may remember that just a couple weeks back I criticized TNA for the “nuanced” rivalry between: Sting and Nash; Jarrett and Hogan; and Fortune.  Now that particular rivalry still is rather difficult to decipher.  However, this segment made me wonder if someone in TNA creative is an Inside Pulse reader and decided it would be fun to give me a swift back hand across the face.

I’ll repeat my early statement.  TNA may have one of the most clear cut face-heel rivalries ever going after this segment.

Dreamer has been solid in his mic work in TNA, but this was a new level.  As I watched it, I genuinely felt that he was sincerely describing to each and every member of Fortune why he admired and respected them.  Who knows?  He may have been doing exactly that.  Sometimes the best performances are those, at least partially, because they are based in truth.  Regardless, this was quality work that the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy.  I know I did.

Even though, as I was watching this, I fully expected Fortune to do exactly what they did.  I have to admit.  There was a moment, where I thought this might be the beginning of a face turn for them.  However, as you saw, A.J. Styles, in what was solid mic work on his part too, quickly and resoundingly put that theory to rest.  If it is possible to turn further heel, while already being a hated heel, we saw it happen there.

I want to be clear that I still believe TNA has some work to do.  For one, the Abyss torture scene was just plain F’ing weird.  At this rate, I have no idea how his character can become remotely interesting again. Additionally, Dixie Carter with her “10.08.10 change of direction” and “the others” 10.10.10 arrival, TNA has once again raised the expectations of fans.  To let them down again could be disastrous.

However, for this week, I must give a tip of the cap to the TNA folks.  This segment was great.  I hope to see them build on this and carry some momentum into some other rivalries in the weeks to come.

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