Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey gets new artist with Adrian Syaf

Acoording to the DC Source Blog Birds of Prey’s unstable art team will be fixed when Adrian Syaf joins as new regular artist.

From DC:

Starting in December, the Birds of Prey will get a new member – to their creative team, that is.

Hot off a stint on GREEN LANTERN CORPS and BRIGHTEST DAY, Ardian Syaf steps in as the regular artist on the series, joining forces with regular writer Gail Simone. And Syaf is stepping in just in time, as the series continues to kick things into high gear, with a new arc starting in December titled “The Death of Oracle.”

BIRDS OF PREY Editor Janelle Siegel was kind enough to show off a few pages of Ardian’s art, and it seems she’s as excited as we are about the new addition:

“I’ve been a fan of Ardian’s work for quite some time, so I jumped at the chance to have him on Birds of Prey. He’s a great fit for the book because he is an immensely talented artist with a gift for storytelling and action and he’s also great at drawing beautiful women! We couldn’t ask for a better combination than that for the kind of stories we’re telling in Birds of Prey right now.”

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