Giveaway: How I Met Your Mother – Season Five

Hello Ted. If you’re watching this tape – and I knew you’d pick this one – you are now in possession of my porn. This can only mean two things – either I’m dead, or I’m now in a committed relationship.

Five seasons into its run on CBS, How I Met Your Mother has proven itself to be a strong comedy for the network on Monday nights. The series has also proven that for Neil Patrick Harris there is life after Doogie Howser, M.D.. Josh Radnor, who went from being the tour guide at the start of Not Another Teen Movie, plays Ted, an architect trying to find his ideal love. The story is told through the perspective of Ted in the year 2030 (narrated by Full House‘s Bob Saget), as he recounts to his children on how he met their mother. In the fifth season, Ted begins working as an architecture professor and starts dating a graduate student (played by The O.C.‘s Rachel Bilson). Though it is revealed that Ted would eventually marry her roommate. Among the guest stars this season are future American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, former WWE personality and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Stacey Keibler, Amanda Peet, Carrie Underwood and Malin Ã…kerman.

We’re offering readers the chance to win the DVD release of season five. Fill out the form below (include the name of contest prize and your mailing address in the comments section) and good luck. Again, special thanks to PR firms and studios that make giveaways like this happen. Big props to them!

This giveaway will end OCTOBER 1ST.

The winner(s) will be contacted to arrange shipping.

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