Keith Giffen & Paul Levitz reunite for their 3rd Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 in December 2010

The DC Source Blog has announced some great news for Legion fans new and old!

What was heard from editor Brian Cunningham:

Okay, I’m just gonna geek out and shout it to the heavens:


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And I get to edit it! Whee!! You have to understand what this monumental development means to me personally.

Y’see, Paul and Keith transformed the Legion from an enduring DC franchise into one of the most popular and dynamic comic book series of the 1980s. With an entire 30th century future world at their command, they crafted the most innovative, break-the-mold superhero world anyone had ever read up to that point. Their names were spoken in the same breath as Frank Miller, Chris Claremont and Wolfman/Pérez.

For me and the many other fanboys of Generation X, Paul and Keith did the seemingly impossible: They made me a Legion fan. For life…….

Then Keith left the series…. and Paul flew solo for a long while…. That was 1989. The two never collaborated on the Legion again. That is, until this December, when they come together again on the oversized LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES ANNUAL #1. It introduces an all-new, all-psycho Emerald Empress—and just hearing the twisted stuff they have in store fills this Legion fan with utter glee.

In fact, Keith just sent me his first pages, and they look gorgeous. He’s mixing Kirby with his ’90s Legion style and a modern sensibility. I look at the Xeroxes on my desk, and I know it’s REAL. It’s happening.

It reminded me why I’m a Legion fan in the first place.

P.S. You know what’s REALLY weird? This is Paul and Keith’s third “LEGION ANNUAL #1.” They did one in 1982, 1985 and now in 2010. Third time’s the charm, they say!

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