10 Thoughts on WWE NXT: 09.21.2010 – CM Punk, Kaitlyn, Goldust

1. CM Punk as the replacement for Michael Cole on commentary? I was getting a small Jesse Ventura vibe from him and that’s a great thing.

2. Of all the potential divas they have on this show, Kaitlyn is probably the most photogenic. That should guarantee her a job.

3. I could’ve done without the rear shot on Vickie Guerrero on her way to the ring. She’s lost weight, but there are some things that older women shouldn’t be wearing (and Cher I’m talking to you too).

4. Leave it to the WWE to keep the worst belt design when they Unified the Divas and Women’s titles. If I were a champion I’m not sure I’d want to carry that thing around.

5. Wow, they’ve really run out of competitions haven’t they? Also, who decided this was a good idea when the women are wearing short skirts? Then again, maybe that’s the point.

6. They couldn’t have found a better picture of Primo for this show? He looks like a creepy stalker behind AJ.

7. FINALLY we get a Goldust segment. If he was getting as much on-air time as Vickie Guerrero Aksana would be getting a better reaction from the crowd.

8. Who in the WWE thought that running a pay-per-view 2 weeks after their previous one was a good idea? I can’t see the buyrates of either one being too impressive, especially based on recent trends.

9. Michael Cole cuts the best promo in the WWE right now, hands down. However, the “Cole miners” is such a corny name for a fan group…but that’s the point.

10. Naomi not knowing what a toupee was was pretty funny. CM Punk’s response of “no” when she said they were there to wrestle was funny as well. They should’ve brought the gong back for the impromptu challenge.

10 (+1). I love how the commentators just don’t care on this show. Cole’s comment about the six woman tag as being a scientific contest and Josh talking about how it could main event any arena in the country had me in stitches. Ditto the “SPEAR!” spaz out.

10 (+2). Overall, a really fun show and maybe the best edition of NXT ever. Everyone knew coming in that it was going to be a train wreck and the commentary recogizing that fact makes it awesome. I haven’t laughed so hard at a wrestling show in a while and I look forward to doing it next week when CM Punk returns.

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