Weeds – Episodes 6-4 Review

The Botwins are now the Newmans living out of a motel while they work at a hotel. Will they really be able to become a nice family with a normal life? Nancy made the promise, but at the end of last week’s show she got back in the game. Except instead of pushing weed, she’s gotten into the hash business. She uses the hotel’s laundry room for the process. Doesn’t she understand the hazards of using company property for your own business?

“Bliss” reveals the credits on a young woman’s torso and panties. Things aren’t good for Doug as Ignacio dunks him in the goldfish tank. Cesar wants to know where the Botwins are. Doug proves he knows nothing cause otherwise wouldn’t he split the town with them? Why would he show up with chicken? They buy his claim and Cesar orders him dead. Doug panics cause winning an argument shouldn’t end in death. Doug pleas that he has Andy’s cellphone on his cellphone. He quickly calls. The other end is answered by a drifter. Doug sells it to the Mexican hitman that it’s his old drug buddy. He drowns the phone in the fishtanks. If they want to find Andy, they’ll have to keep him instead of track the number. They take him to their car.

Doug’s panic genius has been missing from the show.

Outside the motel, the family has a big meal from the money Silas made reading in his underwear to the patron. Andy cooks a gourmet delight on an outdoor stove. He needs to impress the cook. Shane has taken control of Avi as the protector. He views Nancy as a bad influence. This is not because she’s a drug dealer. It’s because she’s a bad drug dealer.  Andy agrees. She’s upset. She wants to prove she’s got the skills to dish the hash.

Back at the hotel she encounters Joe Knock, the head concierge. He gets kickbacks from places that he sends the guests. He hasn’t paid for a meal or a hooker in years. Nancy propositions him for dealing the hash when people request smoking material. He wants a sample. Down in the kitchen, a regular guest compliments the chef (Peter Stormare) about his amuse bouche (a treat before the appetizer). The chef goes nuts that someone has snuck food into the restaurant. Andy admits to doing it. The chef isn’t pleased. Andy swears if his little piece of food isn’t the best, the chef can cut off a finger. Andy’s hand might look like his foot. The chef brings down the knife, but Andy doesn’t flinch. The chef takes another sample instead of the finger. Andy is now his Sous Chef. But first he must go through the spanking machine as punishment. It’s less painful than the Human Centipede.

At the park Shane arrives with Avi to hang out with a bunch of mommies and their babies in buggies. They like his choice of buggy. It reminds them of a friend’s buggy, but it was stolen by a crackhead. He lies that Avi is his baby. The mother died in Iraq from an IED in a soda can. They were high school sweethearts. He dares to call his mother a drunk maid who barely helps them. He’s accepted by the ladies. They want to help. Shane roams the campus of Redwood College. He needs to get laid after his reading rainbow experience. He joins a Frisbee game. At the hotel, Joe Knock likes Nancy’s hash. They set up a system for delivering to the right customers. Joe ups his take on the sales.

Doug sits in the back seat as Cesar plays 20 Questions with Ignacio in Spanish. Doug swears he was on $25,000 Pyramid, but his episode never aired cause Betty White got pissed when he tweaked her nipple. Doug attempts to humanize himself by throwing out personal facts. The guys starts a new game with the clues being it’s a guy in the car that’s going to be killed soon. Things don’t look good for Doug.

Nancy arrives back in the hotel room with her fat dollars. The family members take their cut till she’s left empty handed. Andy practices his celebrity chef catchphrase, “That’s almost too good!” He’s ready for a show on the Food Network. In the hotel laundry room, a fellow maid discovers what appears to be a nasty mess in the dryer. Turns out Nancy’s latest batch of hash has gone really wrong. It’s a complete loss. At least it looks like a bathroom accident so the other maid doesn’t fink it out. On the college campus Silas hooks up with two girls who want him to skip beer pong to join them for trivia night. Nancy gets told by Joe to buy more hash. He won’t front her any money. He still wants her to come through. Back on campus Silas is naked with a girl in the shower. He had his lip cut on her vagasiling. Ouch. At least it makes him forget about reading to guests. Silas is loving college.

Nancy begs her supplier (Linda Hamilton) for fronting her the clippings for weed. She offers to go down on her. She wont budge. The woman’s girlfriend is upset that she’s running out of cooking oil for her bio fuels. She ends up getting Andy to cough up the kitchen’s used oil for a trade. He reluctantly goes along since he’s liking his life as a sous chef. At the park Shane gets told by the women they know his baby’s mama didn’t die in Iraq. They want the truth or they’ll call child protective services.

The Mexican hitman and Doug face off with the drifter at a junkyard. Cesar is upset since they drove the car farther than the rental agreement allowed. A cat jumps and cause Ignacio’s gun to go off. The drifter’s brains explode on a fridge. Igancio fears that he almost killed the cat. Cesar wants Doug to help him move the body. Who knew Igancio cared for kitties.

Nancy gets the barter going with the medical marijuana supplier. Things look good as Nancy and Andy leave with bags full of clippings. Things look bad when two cops tell them to not move. This isn’t looking good since the screen cuts to black. More proper drama for next week.

This episode once more shows improvement in the comedy over the first two episodes. Andy is back to being annoying as he over pleases. Shane gets back in trouble with his lies Silas gets his shirt off for the ladies. Doug is back even if he’s on the verge of being dumped in a hole. Nancy still isn’t quite there. There’s still more time in the season.

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