One Year in Knoxville – August 29, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him, as always, was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing the Fantastics and Killer Kyle. We’d also hear more about the bounty on Brian Lee, the Dirty White Boy would defend the heavyweight title, there would be an update on the Heavenly Bodies’ attempts to get a rematch for the tag team titles, and the main event would see the Rock n Roll Express going against the Stud Stable.

Dutch added that today’s Down and Dirty would feature the contract signing for the rematch between the Bodies and the Fantastics.

From there we headed to the ring as Paul Lee and Mike Samson made their entrance. “Hot Blooded” then brought out the tag team champion Fantastics.

Bobby started off against Lee, who got in a quick Fargo strut. The two locked up and Bobby got a headlock. Lee backed him into the ropes to break it. Bobby threatened a punch and Lee darted into an empty corner. Another tie up saw Lee back Bobby into a corner and then drive a shoulder into Bobby’s gut. Bobby reversed an Irish whip and sent Lee into the far corner, where he flipped over the ropes and started down the apron. Lee put on the brakes when he saw Jackie waiting for him and Bobby flipped him back into the ring.

Bobby got a headlock and Samson charged, only to get backdropped. Samson got up and Bobby got him in a head scissors, then Jackie provided a little momentum and Bobby took both opponents down.

The Fantastics whipped first Lee and then Samson into the far corner. Bobby charged and monkey flipped Samson out of the corner. Jackie followed and repeated the maneuver on Lee. Samson slid out of the ring and the ref ordered Jackie out as well.

Bobby locked on another headlock and tagged Jackie. Jackie started working an arm wringer and Lee punched his way free. Lee whipped Jackie only to have it reversed and then Jackie put Lee down with a backdrop. Jackie covered for a one count before Samson came in and grabbed Jackie’s hair to pull him off.

Jackie chased Samson back to the apron and went back to the arm wringer before tagging Bobby. Jackie whipped Lee and leapfrogged Lee before Bobby locked in a sleeper hold. Samson came in and got dropkicked out of the ring by Jackie as the ref called for the bell to award the match to the Fantastics. Bobby pulled Lee up and smacked him at the base of the neck to wake him up.

We then went to the Paul Orndorff-Ronnie Garvin match from last week. We joined the match to see Orndorff approaching Garvin, who was getting back to his feet. Orndorff landed a punch and hit a backbreaker on Garvin. Orndorff covered for two and Garvin got his foot on the ropes.

Orndorff choked Garvin back down to the mat. Garvin returned to his feet and Orndorff rammed his head into the turnbuckle. Orndorff repeated the attack and Garvin staggered out of the corner. Orndorff hit a knee lift and climbed the ropes. Garvin stood and Orndorff hit an axe handle from the top before calling for a piledriver. Orndorff set Garvin up and referee Mark Curtis blocked the move.

Orndorff shoved Curtis down and Garvin slipped up from behind. Garvin rolled up Orndorff and Curtis awarded him the win by DQ.

We came back to commentary to find Caudle with Garvin. Caudle said that he knew that Garvin hadn’t wanted to win the match like that. Garvin said that he was looking to retire when he’d gotten the call to tag with Brian Lee for one night only. Garvin then said that Orndorff had attacked him and pushed the feud to a new level. Garvin brought up how Orndorff wanted to cripple him with a piledriver, and while he didn’t want to fight, he wouldn’t back down from Orndorff. Garvin closed by telling Orndorff that the difference between their piledrivers was that no one got up from Garvin’s.

That brought out Orndorff, who immediately challenged Garvin to a match right then. The referees held Garvin back as he refused to fight. As Orndorff called Garvin to the ring we headed to commercial.

We came back to commentary to see Bob Caudle introduce video of Brian Lee’s recent problems.

First we went back to his title defense against the Dirty White Boy. Lee rammed DWB’s head into the commentary table as they brawled around the ringside area. DWB and Lee traded punches as DWB kept trying to get some distance from the champion. Lee threw DWB back into the ring and then planted him with the Cancellation. As Ron Wright distracted referee Mark Curtis, the mystery man entered and took Lee down with a clothesline. The mystery man then made his escape as Curtis entered the ring and made the three count for the DWB.

We then saw Lee hit a Cancellation on another opponent and get the win. The mystery man reappeared and attacked Lee. He whipped Lee into the ropes and put him down with a back elbow before dropping elbows, knees, and finally a head butt on Lee before escaping again.

We then caught up with last week’s interview, where Bob Armstrong announced that a ten thousand dollar bounty had been issued to anyone who could take Lee out. Lee tore up one of the posters and said that he wasn’t going to run and hide. If anyone wanted to take Lee down, he promised to take the attackers down as well.

After a commercial break, we came back to see Tommy Angel in the ring. Jim Cornette then ushered Killer Kyle down to the ring.

Kyle handcuffed his violin case to the turnbuckle and removed his hat, coat and tie. The bell rang and the two locked up. Kyle backed Angel into the ropes and landed a punch to the gut. Kyle followed up with a head butt and then started choking Angel. Kyle drove a shoulder into his midsection and whipped Angel across the ring. Angel jumped over Kyle and landed a shot to Kyle’s face that had no effect. Angel shoulderblocked him twice and nothing happened. On the third try Angel leaped over him again and Kyle put him down with a stiff kick.

Kyle picked up Angel and hit a sidewalk slam as Dutch Mantell told everyone that he suspected that Tim Horner was behind the bounty on Lee. Kyle covered and pulled up at a two count.

Kyle raked Angel’s back and then gorilla pressed him up before slamming him (after a warning from Mark Curtis not to throw him out of the ring). Kyle dropped a chop on Angel and covered again before getting up at a two.

Angel regained his feet and Kyle raked Angel’s eyes. Kyle picked up Angel and hit a backbreaker, then covered and pulled up at one. Kyle raked Angel’s back again and drove a shoulder into his midsection. Kyle whipped Angel and Angel dodged a charge by Kyle into the corner.

Angel started throwing chops that started to stagger Kyle. Angel whipped Kyle and hit a shoulderblock. Angel tried a body press and Kyle caught him in a bear hug before slamming him down. Kyle again let Angel go at two.

Kyle pulled Angel up and locked in a reverse bear hug. Curtis dropped Angel’s arm three times and called for the bell.

Kyle picked up Angel and locked the hold in again. That brought Dixie Dynomite to the ring with a chair. Dixie nailed Kyle with the chair with no effect. Dixie tried again and there was still no effect. Cornette pulled Kyle out of the ring while Mark Curtis tried to confiscate the chair. Dixie and Kyle glared at each other as Cornette led him out of the arena.

We then went to Caudle, who was joined by the DWB and Ron Wright. Caudle pointed out that DWB had to select his next challenger. Wright advised that they had a lot of challengers, but there wasn’t anyone fit to face the DWB. Wright then explained that they’d written the top ten challengers’ names on slips of paper and they’d do a blind drawing. DWB borrowed Dutch’s hat and the slips went in. Wright shook the hat up and DWB drew out Danny Davis. DWB said that Danny Davis may have been the light heavyweight champion, but now he was moving up a weight class.

We headed to commercial as DWB returned the hat to Dutch.

We came back to Down and Dirty with Dutch. Dutch was joined by the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette, the Fantastics, and Bob Armstrong. Dutch advised that Cornette had put up twenty thousand dollars against the titles to get the match granted.

Bobby Fulton called the Bodies scum and said that although they’d wanted to make the Bodies wait for a rematch, they’d enjoy taking Cornette’s money.

Armstrong said that he would require the money in cash, not a check. Cornette then told Armstrong that he also wanted a no DQ clause.

Bobby brought up the things that had happened in the barbed wire match, and whispered a new idea to Armstrong. Armstrong agreed to the no DQ clause, but he also banned the tennis racquet from the ring.

Cornette started to protest and Armstrong told him there’d be no match if he didn’t sign. Cornette signed and stormed out, with the Bodies behind him. Dutch advised that the match would happen next week as the Fantastics signed and we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Danny Davis on his way to the ring for his title match. DWB and Ron Wright soon followed.

The bell rang and Davis chased DWB around the ring. Davis pulled DWB’s hair and DWB didn’t seem eager to leave the corner. Finally the two locked up and DWB got a waist lock. Davis reversed the hold and DWB took him down with an arm drag, but Davis went to a head scissors. DWB made it to the ropes to force the break.

DWB conferred with Ron Wright and the two locked up again. DWB backed Davis into the corner and started throwing punches. DWB whipped Davis into the corner but Davis ran up the ropes and caught DWB with a flying cross body for two. Davis followed with a clothesline and an arm drag, then went to an armbar that DWB used the ropes to break.

DWB rolled to the outside to regroup. DWB conferred with Wright and returned to the ring. DWB stalled and called for a test of strength. Davis seemed hesitant and refused. Davis finally locked up with DWB and DWB overpowered him, driving Davis to his knees. Davis fought his way back up to his feet and monkey flipped DWB down before nailing a dropkick.

Davis whipped DWB across the ring and DWB caught him with a kick. DWB whipped Davis and Davis hit a sunset flip for two. DWB went for a slam and Davis rolled him up for another two.

Davis threw punches and finally took DWB down. Davis followed with a neckbreaker and covered for a two before DWB got to the ropes. Davis picked up DWB and punched DWB down. Curtis warned Davis as Wright handed DWB a chain.

DWB blasted Davis with the chain, threw it back to Wright, and covered for the easy win.

Tim Horner hit the ring and backed DWB away from Davis. DWB left the ring and claimed the belt before leaving the ringside area with Ron Wright.

We came back to see the Stud Stable on their way to the ring. The fans erupted as the Rock n Roll Express then made their entrance.

Fuller and Golden attacked as soon as the Express entered the ring. Gibson slammed Golden and Morton fought Fuller into the corner. Golden left the ring and Gibson slammed Fuller, then Fuller joined his partner on the floor.

Golden called for a time out as he conferred with Fuller. Morton headed to the apron and Golden entered the ring. He locked up with Gibson and landed a kick, then tried an Irish whip. Gibson reversed and snapmared Golden down. Gibson hit an armdrag on Fuller, then whipped Golden into the far corner as Morton attacked Fuller.

Morton whipped Fuller into Golden and the Express posed for the crowd. Fuller and Morton left the ring as Golden returned to his feet. The two locked up and Golden got a headlock. Gibson backed into the Express’s corner and Morton got the tag as Gibson whipped Golden. Golden came back and Morton put him down with a dropkick.

Morton covered for a two and Gibson covered for another two. Both Express members tried and got a two as Fuller started debating with the referee.

Morton and Golden locked up and Golden whipped Morton into a Fuller kick.

We checked out the crowd and came back to see Fuller suplex Morton down. Fuller covered and got a two. Fuller started punching away and pulled Morton up, then sent him into Golden’s boot.

Golden knocked Gibson off the apron, and Gibson charged the ring. The referee cut him off as Fuller slipped into the ring while Golden held Morton for him. Fuller landed a few cheap shots and slipped out as Golden hit a knee lift for a two count.

Golden picked up Morton and kept Morton away from the corner where Gibson was waiting. Fuller hit the ring and Morton got the tag behind the ref’s back. Fuller returned to the apron and the ref ordered Gibson out of the ring. Meanwhile, Golden was holding Morton for more cheap shots.

Golden left the ring and Fuller pulled Morton up. As Golden advised the ref that a tag had taken place, Fuller pitched Morton over the top rope.

Gibson hit the ring and was ordered out by the ref. Golden dropped to the floor and threw Morton back into the ring. Fuller whipped Morton and got a bear hug, then slammed him down for a two count.

Golden tagged in and landed a shot as Fuller held Morton, then whipped him across the ring. Golden charged into a boot from Morton as Gibson tried to fire up the crowd. Morton got the tag as Fuller charged in. Gibson cracked the Stable’s heads together and went after Golden while Morton attacked Fuller.

Gibson tied Golden up in the ropes as Morton shoved the referee away. Golden did the same when the ref tried to regain control and he called for the bell as the brawl continued. Gibson sent Golden into the ring post as Morton threw Fuller out of the ring. The Stable soon slipped back to the locker room as the Express posed in the ring.

We came back to find Caudle with the Express. Gibson thanked the fans and promised the Stable that they couldn’t beat the Express. Morton added that they might be smaller, but they had heart, and the war had just begun. Caudle closed by reminding us of next week’s title match between the Bodies and the Fantastics before saying goodbye for another week.

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