10 Thoughts Review on Avengers #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita

1. Bendis and Romita continue their glacially slow story where the present Avengers fight time madness while a team in the future tries to figure out the problem.

2. We’re now five issues in and just getting around to explaining the plot. What a freaking joke.

3. There are some nice character moments here with Thor and Iron Man notably, but for an Avengers book with time going nuts, this is awfully talky.

4. Kang apparently lied and put us on the wrong track for five issues for no other reason than that he’s Kang.  What a waste of time.

5. Kang’s forever army is stuck in a loop of losing to Ultron, who is apparently far smarter than everyone.  The heroes need to break the loop and fix time, with Noh Varr as key.  I can dig that as a set up, but why did it take 5 issues to get this far!

6. Romita’s art sure is pretty though!

7.  And just as it looks like we’ll get plot progression, we get a time loop and are back where we began.  I hate this book.

8. Confession: I forgot there was an Avengers book, thought this was New Avengers, which I’m enjoying, or I wouldn’t have bought this.

9. The history of the Avengers crap in the back by Bendis is both boring and pretentious.  I hate that a book where nothing has happened is $3.99 and this is symptomatic of everything wrong with the comics industry.

10. <b>Rating: 2/10</b> – The only redeemable thing here is the Romita art.  This is Bendis at his worst, ironic considering New and Ultimate see him at his best.

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