10 Thoughts Review on Thor #615 by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry

1. Matt Fraction is finally on Thor after his Ages of Thunder minis had everyone salivating for months.  Does he live up to the hype?

2. This is clearly a transition issue, but it’s a particularly well-handled one.  With Asgard on Earth, something is coming in place of Asgard and we’re all about to be in serious trouble because of it.  The explanation being told to Volstagg who’s just too gluttonous to care is good, but this really should be taken seriously soon and that will make for an awesome story.

3. Fraction’s Thor is far more Simonsen than Jurgens, with a heavy mythological bent.  That works for me, as we have enough humans dealing with great power that I like my Thor to be utterly different.  Besides, Simonson, as great as Jurgens was, is the definitive Thor writer and getting back to his take is a very good thing.

4. Fraction begins this by redeeming Balder the Brave from the winey mess he’s become. A good start, as Balder had become almost unrecognizable to long-time fans.

5. Thos misses Loki and takes it out on Sif. All perfectly in character and setting up a Loki return really well. I hope Loki is heroic for awhile when he does return.

6. My favorite part of the issue is Thor and his alter ego Donald Blake arguing.  It really sets up a sort of Rick Jones-Captain Marvell dynamic that’s been missing from Thor’s alter-egos.  They’re different people and should act as such!

7. Heimdall getting hurt by what he sees is horribly overdone at this point.  It doesn’t signal great danger when it begins every single arc.

8. This is another straight cartoony Heroic Age art book. I get that Marvel has a house style, but guys like Fraction and Parker should really get more… Cameron Stewart-ish artists.

9. From here we have Balder’s redemption continuing, Loki’s ressurection, the fate and place of Asgard, and a mythological invasion all to look forward to.  That added to Thor with Sif and Blake with Jane Foster make for an awful lot set up in this issue. I’m looking forward to it.

10. <B>Rating: 8/10</b> –  Thor has been a jewel of the Marvel line since JMS’ ressurection and remained such during Keiron Gillen’s stewardship (Gillen is my favorite underappreciated writer. Seriously, read Phonogram!).  It’s great to see such a consistent tone and great storytelling continue.

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