Spoiler Warnings: How Close Does Batman Get To Max Lord In Justice League: Generation Lost #10 By Judd Winick?

As Batman tries to solve the mystery that is Max Lord, he sits staring at a computer displaying an image of Wonder Woman breaking his neck, Alfred by his side. Dick asks him what he sees, and he says a listing of people named Max Lord…the same thing Dick sees, but he doesn’t believe it. Power Girl shows up and mentions that it’s like being lied to. She relates what happened in her book last month when her opponent was teleported out by a man named Max, and how Booster may have been right.

Dick says that they’ll get J’onn to do a psychic probe to see if there’s been any mental tampering, as well as the Green Lantern’s, Superman, the Flash, everyone….only Batman trails off. His train of thought lost, the trio forget what they were talking about and begin to focus on the events of Power Girl’s solo book to close the scene out.

So close, and yet Max was ready for it.

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