Christopher Nolan Looking For Superman Director

Ever since it was announced that Christopher Nolan would oversee the resuscitation of the Man of Steel, the rumor mill has been chomping at the bit with any new developments. From the rumor that his brother Jonah would direct and Zachary Levi (Chuck) star as Clark Kent to the rumor that Christopher Columbus would be directing. Nothing has been substantiated.

Now it looks like DC will be unveiling some big announcements regarding its characters in October. Deadline is reporting that Nolan and producer Emma Thomas have begun meeting with directors to find an ideal candidate to helm the new Superman movie. On the list: the old pro Tony Scott, Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield), Jonathan Liebesman (2011’s Battle: Los Angeles), Duncan Jones (Moon and next year’s Source Code) and Zack Snyder (300, forthcoming Sucker Punch).

Christopher Nolan will have a godfather-like role with the project. He came up with an idea, which David Goyer (who has collaborated with Nolan on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) has scripted.

Movie commitments with prevent some on the shortlist to take on the project; Liebesman has already agreed to helm the sequel to Clash of the Titans. Nolan should make his decision in a matter of weeks and submit his choice to the studio.

Of the names listed above, Warner Bros. could gamble like Sony Pictures is doing with the Spider-Man reboot and go with a relative unknown. My pick would be Duncan Jones. Maybe’s it’s because I liked last year’s Moon so much that I wonder how the son of Ziggy Stardust could capture Metropolis.

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Source: Deadline