DR. TNA – Who are “they”? Part II

As you may remember, one of my first columns asked the question: who are “they”?.  Recently, one of my colleagues, Chris Biscuiti, shared an interesting rumor with me, as of the answer to that question.  When I first pondered it, I became immediately intrigued, but rumors are rumors.  One never knows how vested a person should become in a suggestion that cannot be validated.  However, as I watched iMPACT this week, I couldn’t help doing it through a lens looking to see if the ground work was being laid for just such a scenario.

I have to admit.  Chris’s rumor, at the very least, seems to be a possibility.  Several segments from the show could potentially be leading to that very suggestion.

The headline of the evening was the return of RVD.  During Abyss’s beat down of Rob Terry, post Abyss’s DQ, RVD came to the ring.  Security kept the two apart and after Abyss was removed, RVD took to the mic, part of which is below.

Thursday was the first time RVD appeared in person, and it was a rather productive night for him.  While his title is still stripped, he managed to secure the first title shot against the winner of the Mr. Anderson/Kurt Angle/Jeff Hardy match at Bound for Glory.  That he did on his own.  Eric Bischoff granted his other request.

Now I have to admit, I’m not sure the “RVD was ripped apart to the extent of needing 100 stitches, looks as though he can barely walk tonight, but in two weeks will wrestle Abyss” angle really passes the smell test for me, but for now, I’m going to suspend disbelief on it.  Also, it should be noted that Abyss also gave RVD the beat down at the end of iMPACT.

Now in what was a seemingly unrelated match, the Pope was going up against Samoa Joe.  This was set up by Bischoff after the Pope, very publicly called Bischoff out for including Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle in the title match, but not the Pope, who was the only other remaining member of the final four in the title tournament.  As the Pope stated, neither Angle nor Hardy won their match – so why them and not the Pope. (legit question, but moving on)

The match was a decent one and the ending is below.  However, for the sake of this column, the important part is what happens at the end and the most important part is what happens after this segment.  Here’s the end.

Now, the interesting part that you don’t see here is the confrontation back stage between the Pope, Nash and Sting.  At a certain point Sting asks the Pope if he talks to the ladies of TNA.  Of course the Pope, in true Pope fashion, responds with a smirk and a proud declaration that he always talks to the ladies.  Nash asks if he talks to Miss Tesmacher.  At this point a light seems to go off in the Pope’s head and Sting states that this is what they have been fighting all this time.

To bring this all back to the rumor, there is speculation that at Bound for Glory, “they” will certainly reveal themselves and “they” will be Hogan and Bischoff.  Jeff Jarrett either will already be with them, or will join them in the heel turn.  Meanwhile, this will explain why Nash and Sting have been doing what they have been doing, meaning a face turn for the two of them.

Now, if you follow this through, the table is rather set for it.  RVD, possibly the most popular wrestler in TNA, is set to take on Abyss.  If Hogan and Bischoff were to turn on RVD, siding with Abyss, be revealed as “they” and Sting and Nash were to intervene on RVD’s behalf, it is not to difficult seeing the fans buy wholeheartedly into these turns.

Additionally, it would be possible to tie up numerous storylines.

1)  “Why Sting why??”:  The reason for Sting’s actions for sometime would now be obvious.

2)  Who are They?:  Obviously, we would now know this.

3)  Who kidnapped Samoa Joe?:  Remember that Samoa Joe has been very hesitant to go along with Jarrett.  There’s no reason he can’t also be screwed over on 10.10.10 and it be revealed “they” had him kidnapped.

4)  Why was Nash feuding with Hogan and Bischoff?  While it seemingly was because of the dismissal of his friends, it could easily be explained by “they” as well.

At the same time, TNA could integrate much of their locker room that is not already involved elsewhere.  The Pope already seems aligned with the Wolfpac.  Jeff Hardy would no doubt back RVD, leading me to believe he is not winning the title.  Between, Angle and Mr. Anderson, is it possible Mr. Anderson finally reveals a long con and joins “they”?  OR Anderson could be the real deal, back Hardy, and the Olympic Gold Medalist could take a walk on the dark side?

Fortune and EV2.0 have their feud going, so as long as that last, perhaps it stays separate.  However, whether it does or does not, one could view a way for nearly every other wrestler to take one side or another.

In the end, rumors are simply rumors, so who knows if this happens.  However, I have to admit.  I like the possibilities of this.  It would certainly end the “holding pattern” I spoke of previously, so for now, I’m all for this twist.

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