10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 09.24.2010: invasion of the Superstars roster, millions of segments and Dashingly Sinister.

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1. I was happy to see Chris Masters in the opening match against Kane as I’ve always liked him and have always thought he deserves better and could be somebody in the WWE. This bout showed that Masters can certainly have a good match but WWE need to learn that you can’t just put anybody with a main eventer who hasn’t been on Smackdown for a month or two and make it look like they could realistically beat the World Heavyweight Champion. It would have been much better if they gave Chris about 6 weeks of victories or hard fought matches and then after that he finally gets a match against Kane.

2. Next up was Dashingly Sinister *drools* vs. The Hart Dynasty.  Drew and Cody are certainly getting around unlike The Hart Dynasty who came to Smackdown once throughout their 5 month reign. This match wasn’t as good as last weeks but I really liked the ending – poor lil’ Tyson’s head.

3. We were then shown The Undertaker looking as though he was on his last legs which turned into (via some horrible editing) Alberto Del Rio attacking Christian after that we were ‘treated’ to another god-awful  Hornswoggle segment (oh please Teddy Long don’t get back to the teaching the former little bastard how to talk.) The decade of segments FINALLY ended with the SES breaking up which I think they could have done a lot better – quite disappointing and depressing to be honest *sighs.*

4. It was good to see WWE digging up Chavo from Superstars for his match against Kaval. Knowing what these two could potentially do in a match together got me really excited. It’s a shame that WWE have to put their stupid handcuffs on them but still it was a good match with great spots throughout. However, what was the point of having Kaval loose to the world’s biggest jobber it’s like having Alberto Del Rio losing out to one of The Dudebusters.

5. I have taken a major liking to Alberto in recent weeks. I wasn’t too sure about him in his millions of promo videos – I thought it might just be all hype. But he is great on the mic, performs well in his matches and most importantly he has a good set of hair. Thankfully WWE have actually been using somebody correctly for once and giving him good opponents who are actually on the main roster (apart that one time where he beat up Alex Koslov) rather than beating up brought in jobbers every week like they did with Vladimir, Big Zeke and even my precious Beth Phoenix.

6. Why was Smackdown invaded by the roster of Superstars? – First it was Masters, followed by The Dudebusters then Chavo and to end it all off Vance and Curt?! My mind is surely boggled – either use them properly Smackdown or let them just wrestle on Superstars.

7. Next up was Big Show destroying Vance Archer (loose those trunks and go back to the tights asap please) and Curt Hawkins. I really dislike handicap matches because no matter how big and strong somebody is there is still a small chance of one man winning against two. It does nothing for the two guys, because how are they supposed to win against another tag team when they get basically killed by one man.

8. With Dolph Ziggler going against MVP I hope this has marked the end of the whole Kofi Kingston/Dolph feud and the Intercontinental Champion can start to have fresh new opponents. Even though I’m not MVP’s biggest fan (surprise of the century, no?) I feel that he does deserve to be in the title scene.

9. The ending to Smackdown was probably the best ending to a wrestling show in a long, long time. I have a strange soft spot for Paul Bearer, so much so that last Halloween I really wanted to dress up as him until my friend pointed out that people would probably mistake me for Adolf Hitler. In the end I dressed up as Miss Elizabeth – I didn’t look remotely scary but I didn’t half look pretty.

10. Best Match: Kaval/Chavo Guerrero.
Worst Match:
The Big Show/Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer handicap match.
Best Segment:
Well out of the million segments there was to choose from the accolade has to go to the ‘Taker/Kane/Paul Bearer ending.

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