10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 09.23.2010: Generation Me, Abyss & The Pope

10. Yeah, security armed with steel chairs are totally more intimidating and scary than a man holding a piece of wood covered in nails. Only in wrestling.

9. Watching Pope tearing into Eric was good value, have to wonder how many of the wrestlers were wishing they’d had that opportunity.

8. It’s great to see the Generation Me guys getting a chance to show some character rather than just being thrown into matches. And it’s also good to see that Generation Me & MCMG are able to put on singles matches.

7. You know when a move really hasn’t worked out when the commentary team go “the old, um, yeah” and have nothing else to say. Thanks for being impressive Lacey.

6. As much as the Knockouts division has been destroyed lately, it’s been good to see Taylor Wilde & Hamada actually getting some TV time for a change. Even if the matches for the tag belts mean absolutely nothing anymore.

5. Sometimes TNA has a bit of a tendency to try things like new camera angles that really just don’t work out. There were a few points where the camera angles changing actually took away from the wrestling.

4. If they wanted to run with Pope losing his chance at being in the main event at the PPV, and people actually caring about it, they should have gone with Samoa Joe basically killing him. Because the match basically died the second Jarrett, Nash and Sting showed up.

3. And TNA are yet to provide a reason to be interested in the storyline that Joe / Jarrett / Nash / Sting are involved in.

2. The ladder match was confusing. There were too many people involved and far too much going on. It would have been much easier to watch if it had actually been Styles vs Sabu in a ladder match, not Fourtune vs EV2.0.

1. The Abyss character is starting to feel like it’s gone too far. There was a point where the crazy monster was entertaining, but now it’s just tough to watch.

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