In Stores Now: Dead Rising 2 (PS3, XBox 360 & PC)

Dead Rising 2
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PS3, XBox 360 & PC

Just when you think you’re safe from having your brains eaten, another zombie apocalypse always seems to spring up. Frank West saved America from being overrun by zombies in the original Dead Rising, but the cause of the zombification was never completely contained, leaving the door open for future zombie outbreaks. Dead Rising 2 picks up the story several years later, and this time Fortune City, the entertainment capital of America, is the site of the next zombie convention. Unfortunately, what happens in Fortune City will not stay in Fortune City if motocross champion Chuck Greene is unable to stem the zombie tide.

Zombrex Edition:
-Dead Rising 2 game disc
-“Zombrex Dead Rising Sun” motion picture and 24 minute “Making of” featurette
-Steelbook case
-Zombrex “Syringe” pen
-Zombrex “Prescription” notepad (25 pages)
-Zombrex “Safety” card
-Zombrex “Prospectus” Sales Brochure (16 pages).
-Dead Rising 2 Hardback Artbook (48 pages)

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