10 Thoughts on Superstars 09.30.2010 – Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, and more Raw recaps!

1. I would actually prefer Jillian’s singing over the Bella Twins’ song.

2. Right as I was about to compliment the Bella Twins, they proved why I wish they would leave my TV screen. They started off well enough, but that was shot to hell as soon as they started wiggling around in a “comedic” way. Who knew Jillian would be the one to shine in this match?

3. Of all the Divas they could have featured…they had to choose these four? What about Gail Kim? Michelle McCool? Layla? Eve?

4. Another recap, in its entirety. Yes, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton are amazing. Yes, this was an excellent match. But why on earth are we killing time on Superstars? I’d rather watch a fresh new match on Thursday night, instead of something I’ve already seen.

5. Well, at least we’re guaranteed a match between two stars of sufficient caliber. As long as JTG stays off my screen, I’m okay I guess.

6. I like the injury storyline for Jericho’s departure. The whole “I quit” angle is too definite for the youngsters, and this provides hope that he’ll be back sooner, rather than later.

7. I find myself very excited for tomorrow night’s live Smackdown. I just wish the focal point of tomorrow night’s festivities weren’t the Raw Superstars. Be sure to look for my Report on the event tomorrow night!

8. So, who’s offering to buy me the new Jericho DVD?

9.  The subtle moves at the beginning of the match, instead of being irritating, actually built anticipation nicely. Swagger is so much better when he’s not speaking.

10. Kofi used everything in his arsenal to counter the ankle lock attempts. It was a lot more entertaining than the usual domination, and I really liked that a lot of the match was centered on this one move.

I’ve tolerated a lot on Superstars, and usually enjoy my time watching each show. But, seriously…if Superstars is doing poorly and they can’t bother to book a decent show, why keep it on air? I used to enjoy the strange match ups and straight-up wrestling. I loved that their was no fluff, just action. Let’s hope this is just to get the kids to buy the PPV this weekend. Otherwise, the show is doomed.

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