What is Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) Twittering?

Matt Hardy has been active on Twitter this week, both as @MATTHARDYBRAND and his new alter-ego @THEMATTHEWBRAND (the latter which is promising a new YouTube video soon). On his original Twitter account, he recently posted the following across a number of tweets:

“You will all understand the motives behind Matt & MATTHEW, The Hardy Show is about to go to never before seen heights, OMEGA is coming back, and in the next few weeks I am gonna totally reinvent myself, all the way from my body, to my hair, to my wrestling “look” & persona. Even the people that are my critic & doubters will take notice and appreciate all the changes. I am prepared to work harder than I ever have…”

And then a few hours later:

“Hello all, it’s been a busy & good day for me. I’m very close to getting what I want & need. I hope everyone’s great!”

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