Flash Fact: He Runs Really, Really Fast

io9‘s “Morning Spoilers” posted a brief quote from Flash writer, Marc Guggenheim. In an interview, Guggenheim talks about how the Flash’s ability to run almost instantaneously anywhere is a kind of wish fulfillment for both the character and for us, and the fact that he runs instead of flies adds a great athleticism to the superpower.

Guggenheim goes on to say that, in regards to Barry Allen’s origins: “Well, it’s all about who the character – in this case, Barry Allen – is before he gets his powers. We spent a lot of time talking about who Barry is and, specifically, why he’s the kind of guy we want to see get these powers bestowed on him. What’s missing in his life? What problems does he have? What personal foibles? And how are all those things impacted by the ability to run fast? I don’t want to spoil the answers that we came up with, but this was very much our approach: You make running fast interesting by creating a character who is challenged and fulfilled by getting the ability to run fast.”

The Pulse: I’m more of a Marvel kind of guy than DC, but I do love the Flash ever since the old CBS TV show back in the Nineties. Since then super speed has been one of my favorite superpowers, and the Flash my favorite speedster. I’m glad that they’re going with Barry Allen and not Wally West for the movie because I think he’s the Flash most non-comic fans recognize, and his day job as a forensic scientist opens up all kinds of story avenues.

Obviously I’m pretty excited about this movie, but what do you think? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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