Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Hell In A Cell 2010

I wonder if the guy in WWE who said “You know what would be a good idea? Having three Pay Per View events in five weeks.” Is still employed. How could anyone see this as a good idea? But even terrible WWE ideas will not stop the Pulse team from holding our roundtable. And another one for TNA next week. And another one for WWE the following week. Here we go.

WWE Championship – Hell in a Cell Match:
Randy Orton (C) vs. Sheamus

Chris Biscuiti: If logic prevails here, this should be the easiest Roundtable pick in a long time. Randy Orton is at the highest point of his career and he just won the WWE Championship 2 weeks ago. There is no way he will drop the belt to Sheamus, and so the real interesting story here will be how Sheamus loses. My hope is for a clean Orton victory after a brutally contested match that looks close even though we all know the end result.
Winner and still champion: Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: I am pretty underwhelmed by the build up to this match. Don’t know why. I like Sheamus as a heel and I like that face Orton is still as violent as heel Orton. It’s just that the match has seemed not to be that important. I don’t know why. Even Smackdown with Sheamus hitting that kick and standing over him felt just there. Having said that, it has the best reason for existing – one guy has the title and another wants it. It’s that sort of story telling that is sorely missing. It makes the title mean something because some one actually wants it. Not revenge for something, not jealousy – he wants the title. Could be a good match, but is it HiaC worthy? There’s another issue. Ahh, I’m frustrating myself.
Winner: Orton

Kelly Floyd: I honestly have no idea. I keep forgetting that Randy even is the champ. I can see Sheamus winning it back here, so yeah, let’s go with that.
Winner: Sheamus

Rey Mundo: I was going to post these picks in the form of haikus, but I think my first roundtable is too early for me to start being purposefully wacky. I wasn’t happy that Orton won the belt last month at Night of Champions. Winning the belt in a six pack challenge against a weak champion wasn’t the way the coronation of one of WWE’s few compelling characters. Also, it’s my opinion that the belt has been completely devalued, a lament that many had way before now, but one I’m finally accepting. However, what’s done be done, and like Shawn Carter, we’re moving on to the next one. I’d like to see Randy retain and have a lengthy, interesting title defense. There’s no shortage of heels if the WWE would just take the time to make someone–anyone–a fighting champion. Also, since I’m wishing, I kinda still want my hot friend Vanessa to make out with me.
Winner: Randy Orton.

Matthew Michaels: This can honestly go either way in my book. Randy winning would shut Sheamus and his “you’ve never beat me one-on-one” argument up. Sheamus winning in the same format would really put him over big. Randy’s hot though, so I’m voting for him.
Winner: Randy Orton

Raffi Shamir: Have you noticed Orton’s smile on the way to the ring on Smackdown? I hated this. One of the reasons Orton’s face turn is such a success is that he kept his heel gimmick and still doesn’t show emotion. Smiling on Smackdown goes against this and I hope this was a one-time slipup. Regardless, Orton must win here because I two-week title reigns suck and he’s the top face on Raw. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing him hold the belt all the way until Wrestlemania, fending off several challengers and cementing his status. As for Sheamus? He’s probably safe on the upper-mid card for the foreseeable future even without the title.
Winner: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell Match:
Kane (C) vs. The Undertaker

Chris Biscuiti: This one could actually go either way. After all, the returning Paul Bearer could actually be on Kane’s side, being that the Undertaker was responsible for encasing Paul Bearer in cement 6 years ago. And, given the long arc we have been dealing with here, could this be the last long con at play that gives Kane the upper hand on The Undertaker for good. It could happen, but it won’t.
Winner and new champion: The Undertaker

Steven Gepp: I didn’t care last time, I don’t care this time, I won’t care next time. I. Do. Not. Care.
Winner: I do not care… oh, screw it – Undertaker, if only because of other results.

Kelly Floyd: I wanted to say that Taker would win this, but my gut tells me that it’ll be Kane. Taker has been growing stronger and I’m willing to bet that Kane will wiggle his way out of this one.
Winner: Kane

Rey Mundo: If this is the last hurrah for a rumored-to-be-retiring Kane, I’m okay with the feud, especially after last night’s LIVE ON SYFY!!! Smackdown. The brawl between Mr. Taker and Mr. Kane was interesting, but I wonder if they’re going to be able to keep up that effort and intensity inside a cage. I’ve never been the biggest Undertaker fan, but I have always enjoyed the efforts of Kane, a loyal WWE soldier. For his sakes, I hope it’s a good match. Anyway, I agree with Mr. Glazer from one of his Backlash posts. I think ‘Taker retains to give the brand new SyFy Smackdown a big draw as champion.
Winner: The Undertaker.

Matthew Michaels: Common sense says Taker should win to kick off the new season of Smackdown. But storyline LOGIC says that there’s no way Paul Bearer should have forgiven his son’s half brother for almost killing him six years ago. I sense a “turn” here.
Winner: Kane

Raffi Shamir: I used to treat Diva matches as the bathroom break on WWE PPV. This slot is now reserved for Kane/Taker matches. I know that many people have grown to like this feud and heel-again Kane, but I’m not one of them. This feud is the epitome of wrestlecrap and neither one of these guys should even come close to a championship match. Please make this end.
Winner: Undertaker

If Cena wins Nexus disband, If Cena loses he joins Nexus:
John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Chris Biscuiti: I am going with what I hope will happen on this one. I think John Cena’s character has been way too stale for way too long, and I think that would be the perfect time for Cena to turn heel. Now that Randy Orton has been established as the top face in the company, WWE has two options here: 1. Have Cena lose, turn heel, and possibly even change the game forever by revealing that Cena was working with Nexus and the Anonymous GM the whole time on this bigger picture; or 2. Have Cena lose, turn heel temporarily, only for him to disband Nexus over time from the inside out. There is also option 3, but I don’t want to think that this Nexus push was simply a waste of everyone’s time.
Winner: Wade Barrett, and John Cena joins Nexus

Steven Gepp: It’s been said on this site quite a few times, but for the good of interesting and new story line developments, Cena needs to lose. We could have the Michaels-JBL dynamic of the reluctant lacky. We could have Cena losing it and turning batshit crazy. The possibilities are intriguing. But arguments have also been put forward concerning the merchandise sales and the lack of other big-selling faces. And then some have said the ratings drop means they need to shake things up. So what do we do? I think we ignore the so-called experts and just go with what we think would be the best outcome. The Hoganesque style of booking SuperCena makes it seem unlikely, but…
Winner: Barrett

Kelly Floyd: Welcome to the ultimate lose-lose situation. I don’t want to see Cena in black and gold, but I don’t want Nexus to disband either. So either way, I’m going to be pissed. Honestly, I can see this ending in such a way that neither man wins, but I’ll bet Cena gets handed another win. Besides, Nexus doesn’t have to disband. They kind of do whatever the hell they want anyway.
Winner: John Cena

Rey Mundo: I know the following statement has a generous dollop of hyperbole to it, but I have to say it. John Cena winning here will be the 2010 Fingerpoke of Doom. Yeah, I said it. Let’s step into the Way-Back Macheeng for a moment. It’s 1998, it’s WCW, and despite what revisionist snarky history says, the nWo Wolfpac vs nWo Hollywood feud was red effing hot. With Konnan, Macho Man, Luger, Sting and Nash, the Wolfpac was on fire, and I owned 3 (three) red’n’black nWo shirts. Then, rather than capitolize on what would be an amazing feud, they had Hulk Hogan in matches against Jay Leno, Karl Malone and The Ultimate Warrior. Then, when it looked like Hogan and Nash were finally going to go at it, the torch would be passed and we’d see the culmination (culmination!) of the nWo vs nWo angle…we got the fingerpoke of doom, and WCW had, once and for all, pissed on the fans who bought into a truly enjoyable angle. So now, in 2010, we have The Nexus, a group and angle which was incredible to start, and even tho’ their debut couldn’t be topped, further action by the faction was interesting and entertaining. They lost as SummerSlam, but that was okay. Losing Sunday at Hell in a Cell…would be terrible. Losing and disbanding…would be even worse. Losing and disbanding at the hands of John Cena…would be disastrous for WWE. The fans want something new, something exciting, and an end of the most intriguing angle WWE has had for years, at the hands of the uber-pushed John Cena, would make even more people decide that their Monday evenings are better spent elsewhere, be it Monday Night Football, network television, the internet, or crocheting blankets for expectant mothers. I’m sincerely hoping WWE has Wade Barrett win, but I’m getting InVasion flashbacks. Cue up Mr. Pointer…
Winner: John Cena.

Matthew Michaels: I’ll pick Nexus. I’ll be wrong, but I’ll pick ’em anyway.
Winner: Sheffield

Raffi Shamir: First thing first, I want to give John Cena props for the amazing promo he cut two weeks ago on Night of Champions. Best promo in a long time. On to the matters on hand, no matter how hard I try, I can’t come up with even one argument in favor of a Cena win. But then again, I couldn’t really find arguments to support a Nexus loss at Summerslam and they still lost. The Nexus angle has not run its course yet and there’s still stuff that can be done with this group. With Orton sliding comfortably into the top face role, WWE can afford to take chances with Cena (Granted, they could afford to take chances with him for years now yet chose not to). Nexus must win here otherwise the entire summer was just a waste of time and money. Cena will be much more interesting as a Nexus lackey than he has been in a long time. Besides, WWE just released a new Nexus t-shirt (Which looks much better than the original one) and having John Cena wear it would make wonders to its sales figures.
Winner: Wade Barrett

U.S. Championship – Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match:
Daniel Bryan (C) vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Chris Biscuiti: By making this a Submissions Count Anywhere Match, it sets the table for Daniel Bryan to retain the United States Championship since he is the only one of the three with an established submission finisher. With that said, Morrison and Miz could also tease working together again like the days when they were multiple Slammy Award Winners, and that will add a cool dynamic to the match. Morrison could be the surprise winner here in order to kickstart a Bryan-Morrison mid-card feud as Miz moves up to the main event picture, but I’ll stick with Bryan via the LeBell Lock.
Winner and still champion: Daniel Bryan

Steven Gepp: I already had this written before I saw some one else on the site put the same idea forward – Morrison is in there to take the pin, leaving both Daniels and the Miz strong. But as to the winner – Miz still has his MitB briefcase to play with, so this would be a nice way to transition from Miz to Morrison as a feud for the US Title. And what about the Miz? I am going to make the assumption this goes on before the Kane-Undertaker match and the Miz comes out and cashes in, defeating the Undertaker to become world champ. And there’s the mammoth rub/push – defeating Undertaker to become champ. It don’t get much bigger than that; welcome to the big time, Miz, even if you do shit me.
Winner: Bryan Daniel

Kelly Floyd: With JoMo’s attack on Bryan, I can see this utilized as a much-needed heel turn, and therefore winning the belt could solidify a feud between himself and Bryan. And, this would force Miz out of the picture to move up in the main event scene.
Winner: John Morrison

Rey Mundo: Okay, okay. Here’s the one haiku I did come up with and wanted to use.

Miz Might Be Awesome
But I still think he loses
Bryan will retain
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Matthew Michaels: Bryan must win. And Morrison, you’re the fall guy.
Winner: Daniel

Raffi Shamir: In my book, The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan is a strong contender for Feud of the Year. But now it’s time for both of them to move on. Even though The Miz lost the US Championship too soon for me, his ascension to the main event should start now. As for John Morrison, there’s really no reason for him to be in this match but after spending so much time complaining about his absence from PPV events, I can’t really say anything when he’s actually on the card. Others have already mentioned the possibility of a heel turn for Morrison and a feud with Bryan, and that’s something that I’d looooove to see. Still, Bryan should win here and keep the belt for a long time because he’s still establishing himself in WWE and the belt can do wonders for him.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Divas Championship:
Michelle McCool (C) vs. Natalya

Chris Biscuiti: Since she arrived in WWE, Natalya has proven to be a very competent Diva. She can manage, she can wrestle, and yet she’s been almost as underutilized as Gail Kim in terms of having actual matches. As much as I would love to see Natalya capture her first Divas Championship, LayCool is red hot in WWE management’s eyes. Therefore, I think Michelle McCool will win again and LayCool will continue to dominate, at least for a little while longer.
Winner and still champion: Michelle McCool

Steven Gepp: I am a Natalya fan. Not only is she hot but she looks like a legitimate wrestler, a woman who could so easily break you in half. She might still be a little green in the ring, but I don’t care. However, she is in there with some one who I can’t see losing soon, especially if her husband has anything to do with it. I like the idea of a new diva getting a run at the top, and one who I feel can actually wrestle. I still prefer the old TNA Knockouts as wrestlers, and think a fair bit of what I’ve seen in Australia craps on nearly all of the current WWE Divas as far as in-ring ability goes (Savannah Summers, catch some of her stuff, impressive), but I still like Natalya. So, as I could not be doing worse in these roundtables if I tried…
Winner: Nattie Neidhart

Kelly Floyd: As much as I love Natalya, I don’t think they’ll take the belt off of Michelle yet. Not when there’s a Layla feud brewin’.
Winner: Michelle McCool

Rey Mundo: Editorial time! I know some of the Diva matches are downright bad, but how anyone can not give these girls props for going out and giving their all is beyond me. The stuff they do, even my most athletic friends, at the height of their agile peaks, could not do. Sheeit, I know if I tried “…that matrix move…” I’d end up in a full body cast and would probably set something on fire. Anyway, as far as this storyline goes, I’d have liked some more build-up, but I understand that the “Two Shows Before the PPV” bit made that an impossibility. No real preference here, but I think McCool went to Florida State, and as a long-time Gator supporter, that don’t fly. I’m rooting for Natalya, and while it could go either way, LayCool is just too over to lose right away.
Winner: Michelle McCool.

Matthew Michaels: They’re not done with LayCool’s run yet, although I think since Layla won one of the belts, and Michelle won the other, I’d like to see the plant the seeds for a split-up soon…
Winner: LayCool

Raffi Shamir: I enjoy watching LayCool. Except when they wrestle (Wither one of them). Natalya, on the other hand, seems like a great wrestler, even if underutilized. As with other title matches on the card, the title should not change hand, if only for the fact that Michelle only won it two weeks ago.
Winner: Michelle McCool

Come back to Pulse Wrestling on SUnday noght for full, live coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell 2010.

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