10 Thoughts On… The AFL Grand Final 2010 (St Kilda vs. Collingwood) TAKE 2

The replay has not really been hyped. Other football news has taken precedent – Hird’s elevation as Essendon coach, Ablett’s defection to the Gold Coast, Thompson feeling burnt out as Geelong coach – and the whole replay has just left many feeling flat. The media has been divided as to whether it is a good or bad thing. I tend to fall on the side of it being not too good. Other sporting events have had to be hastily re-arranged so as not to clash, non-sports stuff has been shuffled. Bravo to the World Road Cycling Championships being held in Geelong for going ahead with their events. But it all just seems underwhelming and a huge inconvenience.

And one more thing before the game starts – thanks to everyone who commented (and I wasn’t abused this time – cheers!) and it seems a lot of people seemed to like the 10 Thoughts concept being taken to this realm.

So let’s do it again!

[Bonus Thought: Lionel Ritchie stepped in at the last moment as pre-game entertainment. That shows one of two things: either he’s a really good sport and a great guy, or he has nothing else to do. Let’s assume it’s the first one. Oh, and for the record, he looked not too shabby.]

(1) The crowd is definitely down on last week. No great surprise there, but it is noticeable. They eventually announced it as a little over 93,000.

(2) It’s déjà vu all over again as Collingwood jump out at the start of the first quarter. Oh please, God, not exactly the same again…

(3) Quarter time 3.2 (20) to 0.2 (2). Collingwood have started strong while St Kilda look tired and out of sorts. Just like last week.

(4) St Kilda have had so much of the ball in the second quarter, but they can’t kick a goal! Get it together! And as if on cue, 10 minutes into the second quarter their first goal comes.

(5) Half time 6.5 (41) to 1.8 (14). Can the Saints come back again? It’s going to be a huge turnaround in form if they can.

(6) So far the game has been intense. The skills on show may not be as good as they were last week, but the sheer determination of both teams is making it a much more enthralling contest… or would if the Saints could kick straight.

(7) The third quarter is suddenly a rout. Collingwood are just killing them in every aspect. It’s like some one told Saint Kilda not to bother trying. I AM NOT saying that is the case, but that is just what it looks like. Oh, and the umpiring seems a little odd.

(8) Three quarter time and the score has blown out – 11.8 (74) to 4.9 (33).

(9) All spark has gone out the game. They are just going through the motions in this last quarter. After last week, this is all just so disappointing.

(10) Collingwood win by their greatest ever margin in a grand final. 16-12 (108), against St Kilda 7-10 (52).

[Bonus Thought: If you catch it, watch it, but last week’s game was so much better. Not a brilliant advert for our great game.]

See you all later on for the next View From Down Here.

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