DR. TNA: The Groundwork for Bound for Glory

The Chris Biscuiti theory is still in play.  Last week I discussed the rumor that Chris brought to my attention, which speculated that Hogan and Bischoff were “they” and that the Wolfpac was turning face at Bound for Glory.  After watching last week, I was impressed that this could in fact be happening. 

After watching this week, I’m beginning to think that either: 1) TNA is intentionally dropping signals that this is happening to throw a curve at the end, or 2) they are in danger of telegraphing this.  As I watched this week’s episode, nearly every major segment seemed to set up this possibility.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still excited for this to maybe happen.  I just hope, if it does happen, the surprise element has not been completely eliminated.  Let’s review.

First, while it’s outside of a possible Wolfpac/They feud, I’d be remiss if I didn’t alert everyone to the Mick Foley versus Ric Flair match this Thursday on iMPACT’s live broadcast.  Call me nostalgic, but I’m looking forward to this “last man standing” match.  I’ve heard some chatter as to “why have this match he night before your PPV?”.  That is a legit sentiment.  However, I look at it this way.  Their match would not have been a main event at BFG.  In fact, it probably wouldn’t draw the interest that at least 2-3 other matches at BFG would draw.  With that in mind, why not let these guys main event the iMPACT right before BFG?  Many times those episodes are the most important shows for building your PPV ratings, so I kind like this.  Admittedly, these are not the youngest horses in the stable for TNA.  However, they both have a following and it should be a fun match to watch.

In moving back to my assertion of continued groundwork being laid for a Wolfpac/They revelation, it started from the opening segment.  Hulk Hogan has been gone for several weeks of programming with his back injury.  If he was to return at Bound for Glory, we know that he is bound to get a huge crowd pop when he does so.  We’ve seen repeated well wishing for his recovery.  In fact, right before his match with Abyss, Kurt Angle opened iMPACT on the phone with Hogan telling him to just concentrate on getting better and he’d “take care of this.”  What better way to set up a heel turn than for wrestlers and fans to feel betrayed?

Not long after that, the Wolfpac took to the ring.  I must point out that they have picked up one of the most popular wrestlers (and mic men) in TNA: the Pope.  When I watched their segment in this week’s episode (below), I couldn’t help but remember the glory days of the nWo.  It was somewhat bitter sweet to see it happening without Scott Hall, but Nash, Sting and the Pope could be a lot of fun to watch.  I hope that if in fact the rumor materializes that TNA realizes what they have here and keep these three together.  Unfortunately, I do not have video of the Pope’s mic work, but you can see below, the stage has been set for Hogan’s return…

Finally, the Wolfpac joined the announcers for Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson’s match.  While the Pope did most of the talking during the match, you can see below that at the conclusion of the match, Nash declares that he is going to stop Samoa Joe from making “the biggest mistake of his life,” then heads to the ring.

Now of course, this could all break very differently at Bound for Glory.  However, a storyline that makes Hogan and Bischoff into “they,” swings Jeff Jarrett to heel status and the Wolfpac to face, is still very, very much in play.  As I wrote last week, I think this would be a great move by TNA.  I’m not sure I would continue dropping hints on Thursday, if I was writing the script.  In fact, I’d probably do everything possible to polish Hogan’s face image, while casting doubt on the Wolfpac veiled accusations, but that’s just me.

That said, regardless of how they play out Thursday’s show, and ultimately, regardless of how BFG plays out, I have to give props to TNA creative for getting me (and I’m wagering others) interested in a script again.  Should be an interesting couple weeks.

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