The Apprentice – Episode 10-3 Review

OK, here’s the big thing about The Apprentice this season: Is running a day care for dogs really less demeaning than being unemployed when you have a university degree (or two)? And is a good prize for winning as project manager really a scholarship to get your MBA online? Who CAN’T get an MBA online? Couldn’t you just get someone who has an MBA sit next to you at the computer?

The task kicked off on a degrading note, with all the educated, intelligent women in the van arguing over who gets to be the receptionist. Yep. Receptionist. Not project manager, or marketing, or accounting. Front desk. “I currently hold the title of Miss Cougar California,” Tyana said, as a reason for why she should be working the front desk. What?? How is that something to brag about? Things only got worse from there.

On the mens’ side, David immediately started drama by muttering an expletive at his project manager in the middle of a meeting. A meeting with the client. Real professional. David said he couldn’t wait to lose the task so he could see project manager James go home. Really? Self-sabotage? That’s a little immature. Meanwhile, Tyana put Masha in charge of large dogs even though Masha had said she’s terrified of dogs. Let’s say it all together kids, “self-sabotage”!

The women were babysitting dogs, but James was babysitting David. There was a lot of “David. David. David. David! David!” and then “I need you to…” which was interrupted by David’s 12-year-old response of “I need you to shut up!” and then he ran away. Seriously. 12. Years. Old.

Then Cesar Milan showed up to judge, and Tyona gushed that she’d seen all his shows. SERIOUSLY? First of all, no one has seen all of Cesar Milan’s shows. Second of all, if you’re the second coming of the dog whisperer shouldn’t you be in the back handling the dogs rather than cougaring it up out front?

In the boardroom, James brought along a prop to demonstrate just how stupid David is. Remember the “A BINDER CLIP INTO A NAIL!” argument? Yeah. That didn’t go away. The rest of the team laid into James for keeping the owner waiting while he finished up a meeting. It was a bad call, and James was overall a crappy leader. I would have fired both James and David.

The women had their own fighting to do, especially when Trump discovered that Tyona had put Masha with the dogs despite her fear. But Stephanie had to call out Liza too for screwing up a banner during the task. They also called her out on calling Poppy a bitch during the last boardroom, but she wouldn’t repeat the word for Trump “on camera”. Oh honey. You should really make sure you know when you’re on camera. Anyway, none of it mattered because the men lost.

The men were excruciating to watch. James was a bad leader. David was an insubordinate jackass. They both should have been fired. Instead, Trump just fired James. Had I been Wade, the other guy in the room, I would have pushed Trump to fire Dave. He is, as Trump put it, a “wise ass”. He couldn’t even let James leave with a little dignity, snarling “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

What did you think of The Apprentice? Did Trump make the right call? Should he have fired both morons? It certainly looks like David’s behavior won’t be improving any time soon.

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