10 Thoughts on WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 – John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Welcome to a PPV 10 Thoughts two weeks in the making! Yes, it’s just been 14 days since I’ve hit you with pay per view thoughts and I will be doing so again. To read more from me check out itswilltime.wordpress.com where I’m currently discussing the possibilities rising up with John Cena joining The Nexus and you can read my Sunday Random Thoughts.

A quick note on my blog and columns: this week on Pulse Wrestling my blogs will begin being posted as a special “Will Time” feature every evening. I’m excited about this opportunity and I hope you will all check it out.

Now on with the thoughts.

1. This year’s set looks almost identical to last year’s. To be honest, I am disappointed with WWE’s production team. It seems like there were not even any tweaks. Maybe I shouldn’t care about these things as much as I do.

2. I know that this show does not have a lot of matches, but the US Championship should not be an opening match title.

3. Daniel Bryan made The Miz tap again. Now that I have seen this happen, I do not understand why John Morrison was involved in the match. He provided some fun spots, but that’s all. Speaking of the spots in this match, some were pretty cool, but so many were the contrived falls count anywhere stuff that we see so much.

4. Sheamus and Randy Orton had a very fun and very physical Hell in a Cell match. This match would have been good whether it was in the Cell or not, which downplays the importance of the structure a little. Sheamus looked really good here and proved why he is a main event breakthrough star.

5. Is it a wise choice to have The Nexus heavily featured in the Bragging Rights commercial before the match that could dissolve them?

6. So should we cheer Edge now that he is against two heels? I don’t know of a star with such a bright outlook coming into the year that has been as big of a bust as Edge. 2010 will go down as one of the worst of his career.

7. Not a bad way to have Barrett best John Cena. We all knew it could not be a clean win and now we have the mystery of who the men who interfered are (Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty?). For more on the implications of this match, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

8. How is being buried alive in concrete part of a master plan Paul Bearer?

9. Kane and Undertaker took tonight as an opportunity to show why they should not be main eventing a PPV. This was a really poor match.

10. Michael Cole was really bad at the end of this show. We all know that Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker because Undertaker buried him alive. That said, the turn itself was not well done. How did Bearer know that he would be allowed in the Cell? Why is there a light in the urn? Where was the green fog from the ’90s? Why did Undertaker get pyro in the middle of his match?

That’s all I have thought-wise on this show. Be sure to check itswilltime.wordpress.com for more thoughts on Cena joining The Nexus. I’ll be back tomorrow night with 10 Thoughts on Raw and starting Tuesday night with Will Time.

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