Zack Snyder to direct SUPERMAN. Villain for the film also confirmed.

It’s been confirmed that as soon as Snyder completes post on Sucker Punch he’ll get to work helming WB’s new Superman flick.

And for a double-dose of news, Slashfilm is reporting via Hollywood Reporter that General Zod will be the film’s villain.

I don’t care what side of the fence you fall on in regards to your feelings about the Man of Steel, this is amazing news. It really is. Zack Snyder is brilliant and us geeks really don’t deserve him. That dude made a perfect Watchmen adaptation (and I say this as someone who hates Watchmen, I’ve written papers about why it’s bad) and everyone hated him for it.

Hats off to you Snyder, you’re gonna kick this project in the ass.

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Source: Deadline