10 Thoughts on WWE NXT for 10.05.2010 – Kaitlyn, Vickie Guerrero, and First Elimination

So they’ve moved NXT over to WWE.com. Let’s hope we actually get a SHOW this week instead of random segments and video packages.

1. I usually vote in the poll, but this competition has made me so apathetic that I failed to fulfill my democratic duty. Oh well, I think it’s pretty clear who’s getting eliminated tonight.

2. When they put up the challenge victories for the diva rookies I thought immediately of the AWA Team Challenge Series. In fact, if they had done that for this show I’d be more excited to watch it.

3. Why does this company love mechanical bull competitions? I feel bad for anyone having to watch this on a live show.

4. I was so happy when Goldust appeared last night on Raw and grabbed the Million Dollar belt. While it’ll probably just be a feud to elevate DiBiase, I’d really love for this feud to be the beginning of Goldust’s climb back to the top of the company.

5. I wasn’t aware that it was so easy to kill your opponent with a snapmare, but Aksana proved me wrong.

6. Okay, Aksana just redeemed herself with that flexibility talent. That’s just freaky. Naomi did a great job also. They should pair her with R-Truth and having a rapping duo. That’d get over real fast.

7. Jamie doesn’t get the TV-PG rules, does she? She should be the next diva to get kicked off this show after Maxine. There’s nothing that helps her stand out.

8. Cole did a great job ripping on Kaitlyn’s sketch. His line about how it wasn’t an accurate representation because Vickie wasn’t that thin was funny. Cole also did a great job ripping on the Hornwswoggle-Maxine interaction by putting no effort into the “I didn’t see that coming” line.

9. All of us might have differences with some of the WWE’s booking and such, but we can’t dispute the fact that they do a lot to help young children. The same can said of John Cena. Most of us are tired of the “super” Cena push, but he does spend a lot of time with kids and that’ll always make him a great guy in my book. The Make a Wish video packages they have made are fantastic.

10. An immigration angle with Aksana? This sounds interesting. I expected Goldust to hit on the immigration official, though.

10 (+1). Although the Vickie-Kaitlyn match will probably be a Worst Match of the Year contender, they’ve done a really good job building to this match. Considering that, why would they waste it on a web show that very few people are going to watch?

10 (+2). Someone new must be on the booking team or something because we’re starting to get some interesting storylines. Nexus-Cena, the Kaitlyn-Vickie-Dolph love triangle, Goldust’s storylines, Edge vs. Stupid (and to a degree Edge-Swagger) are all entertaining. I haven’t had this much fun watching the product in a while.

10 (+3). I was actually shocked by the elimination. I thought Maxine was a lock to go, but Jamie was bland and didn’t have any sense of direction. No tears here over that one.

Overall, this was a decent show. It ended five minutes early, but we actually got a show this week and there was more action because of fewer commercials. The Kaitlyn-Vickie main event wasn’t great, but it was better than it had any right to be.

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