Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-2 Review

Hi again! Let’s see how the show progressed in the second episode of its seventh season

Spoiler-free zone:

As the storylines start to form I see great potential in all of them. Some seem to be more comedic while others take a dramatic turn. We are also introduced to a new character that will probably have a big part in the season’s mystery.

Spoiler zone:

So in this episode we are introduced to Beth, Paul’s wife. Something obviously seemed fishy (no pun intended) when she first arrived in the street. Like Bree, Karen, Bob and Lee (who still seem to be arguing) I was surprised to see that Paul already had gotten himself a misses. She clearly is very uneasy around him, as shown by their dinner table scene, so I can’t help but think that she was the friend Felicia was mentioning in the first episode. I’m pleased that the year’s mystery has added a new face, because it adds a certain freshness to it. Paul still seems to have maintained that level of creepiness that he had in the first season and you can always feel a presence of danger in the scenes that revolve around him. I mean he strangled a frickin lady. I am also enjoying his efforts to blend with the rest of the neighbourhood when he clearly isn’t accepted.

Bree got to have some fun in this episode. Watching her fight her urges was pretty funny especially when she gets careless (and by careless I mean stuff falling from her hand and …well…running over people). It’s good to see that Keith isn’t starting to look like the new Karl despite the similarities between the two storylines. I’m not yet sure that Keith is flirting with Bree since we are seeing things from her perspective. He might just do this cause he needs to work.

Susan also got to have her share of fun. Despite the obvious “I’m lying to my husband” issue that her storyline has, the comedy side of it manages to be quite stupid but in a funny way. Teri Hatcher doing physical comedy and acting desperate is what she’s good at so I’m fine with the way this is shaping. That cam-close-up of her rubbing that vase was hilarious.

Lynette continued to clash with Renee this week and this time over Tom’s depression. Renee is starting to look like a troublemaker and after the reveal that she and Tom are hiding something from Lynette, I’m not sure in what box to put her in. Is she an evil sociopath? Or is she just a good, selfish, good friend. Her renting Edie’s house probably hints that the worst is yet to come.

Gaby had a lot of stuff to deal with. First her daughter gets hit by a car and then she questions her sexual history with a French guy. Her desperate excuse of her having sexomnia (which apparently is an actual thing) was entertaining but her storyline ends on a dark note. I guess Gaby knows the truth about Juanita now which will result on her storyline having a more dramatic tone. I’m looking forward to it since I do think that Eva Longoria’s drama is underrated, mainly because she is so good at doing comedy.

So there!  The Season 7 train is already moving and everything seems to be going to the right direction. See you next week!

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