NHL News: NHL And KHL Agree To Respect Contracts Between Leagues

There had been a lot of friction between the two leagues over players leaving for the other league mid-contract.

The KHL announced that it had reached an agreement with the NHL over player contracts before a preseason game between the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL and SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL.

The agreement simply says that both leagues will honor contracts in the other leagues and will stop signing players away from the other league.

“The day before yesterday, Bill Daly and I reached a formal agreement about the appreciation and respect of the KHL contracts,” KHL President Alexander Medvedev said. “It’s very important. We have a legally binding agreement. This agreement confirms the validity of KHL contracts and is fully in compliance with hockey industry standards.”

“I sent him a letter confirming that we recognize and respect the validity of the standard terms of KHL SPCs,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Daly said. “But that’s always been our position — this doesn’t represent a change for us.”


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