Weeds Episode 6-5 – Review

The big news this week is that Weeds will be coming back for a seventh season. This is good for cast and crew since they won’t have to worry about what they’ll be doing next year. The bad news is the early announcement relieves the tension within the viewers. No longer will we fear that the end of the Botwins might be just around the bend. Sure they can make a kid or two disappear. Don’t look for anything to be wrapped up at the end of this season.

“Boomerang” carves the show’s credits as a lovers’ heart into a tree trunk. The episode picks up with the two cops staring down Nancy and Andy as they carry trashbags of pot clippings they’d bartered from Linda Hamilton. Is this the end of their run?

Turns out the cops have booted the van because it has $6,000 worth of tickets. The license plate they stole wasn’t a winning number. Nancy and Andy do their most confusing talk to the cops to prove it’s not their van. They drop their weed bags in the recycling and head back to Linda Hamilton’s house until the heat has cooled.

Guess we won’t be seeing the Botwins in orange jumpsuits for the rest of the season. Would have been interesting if they’d lie to the cops that they’re married to get conjugal trailer action.

Shane is still cornered by the three new mommies at the baby park. They want the truth or they’ll call child services. He flips their intervention by using blackmail details against them. He walks away letting them know who’s top mom.

Andy uses his cooking blow torch on the van’s boot. He gets distracted while going on about how karma can boomerang. The tire explodes. Andy declares they need to ditch the van since the cops have the VIN. They’ll figure out the Botwins are in Seattle. Andy put the van in another person’s name, but it was Shane. They’re screw. At a restaurant Shane and Silas eat with the baby in a booth. Shane declares his brother as the blond sheep of their family since he’s not a hardcore criminal. Silas ditches his hotel job to go hang out at the college.

Doug digs his own grave while Cesar carves initials and a heart into a tree. Ignacio listens to Doug’s last wishes. Doug prays for a miracle as Cesar tells Ignacio to shoot him. Cesar’s phone rings. The caller is looking for Shane. They alert him that the tire has blown on his van. He gets the location of the van. The miracle of timing allows Cesar to call off Doug’s execution.

Why can’t this family maintain a low profile? Has the series hit a bump where it can’t allow them to settle down? The first season was about maintaining your roots. But now it’s a road show.

While waiting on the bus, Nancy tells Andy he only wants her because she won’t have him. Andy wants her to say that they’ll never have sex. She doesn’t want to screw him cause her lovers die. Estabon isn’t dead, but there’s time. Andy feels relieved that their lack of sex has saved his life. Andy begs her to release him. She won’t because she doesn’t want him to leave her. He gets excited knowing he has all the power in the relationship. He uses the power to swat the ice coffee out of her mouth.

Andy and Nancy arrive at the motel room. They tell Shane they have to leave Seattle. The trio of ladies from the park arrive for an intervention. They ask if Nancy is the grandmother. Nancy races down to the hotel to make her drops from Joe’s room list. But she has no hash. She goes to the first room and find the bed made and no money under the pillows. The same is true in other room. She finally finds Latrice (Aisha Hinds) has hijacked her scheme. It’s the boomerang. Latrice gets her first taste of Toblerone. She won’t give up the money and wants Nancy to give her the drugs. Nancy slams shut the door. She comes down the hallway with a bloody nose and Latrice’s earring. Joe Knock needs to send someone to clean up the room.

It’s easy to see the meltdown is coming quick and hard. All bridges are getting burned in one major torching.

Back at the hotel Andy gets talked into getting impregnating one of the park ladies. He’s cool with passing on his genes. The moment is ruined when Nancy calls him to release him from the hope that she’ll ever be together with him. Andy thinks she might be full of it. Silas turns the Redwood State’s naked run into a protest against rape and off shore drilling. His new girlfriend likes his passion. Before anything happens he gets a cellphone call. He need to borrow her car.

Cesar and Ignacio pick through the van while Doug demands to be fed. He’s a chosen one. Cesar gets his clue in a pen from the motel.

Take a quick notes that whenever you’re on the run that everything you collect can be a major clue. Matchbooks, pens and receipts are not a fugitive’s friend.

At the motel Silas drives up with the girl’s car. Nancy tells him to open the trunk. He won’t. He wants to stay and not commit grand theft auto. He gives in and pops the trunk. Nancy spots Doug in the back of a car. His mouth is duct taped. She catches a glimpse of Cesar in the lobby. She sneaks back to her room. Andy is in in the shower. He sent Shane to get snacks. She notices Cesar checking out rooms. She calls Shane’s cellphone to warn him. He’s not answering. She grabs the crossbow. The door busts open, it’s Latrice and her boyfriend looking for revenge for a ripped earlobe. A knock on the door turns out to be child services. Andy walks out naked with the baby. It’s not a good sight. The cellphone rings. It’s Shane. He’s been grabbed by Cesar. He’s in the backseat with Doug. Nancy falls to the floor. It’s all falling apart.

This is such a sad episode for Silas since he came fit in so well as a college student. He looked like he was ready to get his own spin-off series with a play on Higher Education in the title. The comedy gets bleak once more since everything is falling apart. It’s hard to laugh when psychotic Mexican hitman have kidnapped a cast member.


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