Will Time: Why Michael Cole Should Not Be a Commentator

I’m sure it pains a lot of you to read this, but it is true. Michael Cole cannot go on being an announcer on WWE TV. I have been patient with him. I have only criticized him when his incompetence was absolutely apparent. I have even been known to praise his work that he did on Smackdown with JBL.

Now it is not possible for him to be an announcer. This is not a bad thing though. Michael Cole has proven that he can get the kind of heat that I believe Bobby Heenan was capable of in his hey-day (I’m not saying he is Heenan, but his heat is huge). Michael Cole could be the resurgence of the wrestling manager that we have been waiting for.

The only problem with this is that the wrestlers he is currently associating himself with are capable of talking for themselves. It will not enhance The Miz’s act to have Cole walking behind him. It will not get Miz more or less heat. The goal needs to be to transfer Michael Cole to other wrestlers.

What then would happen to his announcing position? WWE has shown that they wish to keep Jim Ross off of TV, but they sure are mentioning him a lot. I would be fine with JR returning, but he has said that he would not want the full time road schedule that WWE requires.

WWE does not have a credible announcer ready to step into the lead job on Raw. They have a color commentator who needs a great play by play guy to help him out. Aside from Lawler, there is Matt Striker who needs to be reigned in, but can be a great commentator.

Could Joey Styles come out of retirement and call Raw again? If he did, would he be the exciting Joey Styes from ECW or would be be the merely passable guy who called WWECW? Styles seems to be happy at WWE’s website, so I don’t see him leaving that to call wrestling.

Along with the lack of managers, the lack of credible play by play announcers with unique personalities that don’t overshadow the product is something that is hurting wrestling in 2010.

Credibility is the main thing missing from Michael Cole. If I am supposed to trust him as an announcer, why does he lie and cheer for heels? This is the man that tells you that not buying a big PPV is a huge mistake. If he is not trustworthy, why should I believe him about the product? I know that commentators have endorsed wrestlers in the past, but most of the time the heel would be endorsed by the color guy with the face being endorsed by the play by play guy. These separations made play by play the voice of the fans.

I honestly don’t know what WWE can do with Cole right now, aside from make him the General Manager. I do know that he hurts to credibility of the product on commentary and he needs to leave that position soon.

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