10 Thoughts On… South Park NASCAR “Poor and Stupid” (Season 14 Episode 8)

NASCAR “Poor and Stupid”

South Park is back with the second half of season 14. As usual, South Park half-seasons are now 7 episodes, so we have less than 2 months of new South Park goodness. Even still, it’s great to have it back!

1. It’s awesome when Cartman is legitimately upset and crying over something, only for it to be revealed to be something racist and insane.

2. Of course Cartman goes directly to Butters for assistance – and promptly gives him all his money! He wants to be poor just like Kenny.

3. Cartman in a pharmacy chugging Vagisil because he is out of money, with Butters watching guard was so disgusting it was awesome.

4. I had to pause a few times to read all the banners and ads on the various NASCAR cars – stuff like SLEDGE and SMOG – subtle guys.

5. When did South Park have so many curses in everyday episodes like this? Is this so they can offer uncensored options on DVD and Comedy Central Secret Stash?

6. FYI, they show what Kenny is actually saying if you turn on the Closed Captioning. At least on newer episodes. They do bleep his curses even in the text with .

7. Cartman attended a NASCAR press conference where other drivers were talking about the technical aspects of racing, and just spoke in complete.hick gibberish. Epic.

8. How is it that Cartman was entered into this last race?

9. It was somewhat obvious that Cartman was going to run over all the other cars and most/all would die. However, the commentary made it funny, with more of the redneck talk from the press conference and YouTube videos.

10. It felt like one of those episodes where they didn’t really have a conclusion in mind and it just kinda ended. I did appreciate the short Stan/Kyle-like “lesson” speech ending with a ridiculous conclusion.

Cartman: NASCAR is only for poor and stupid people, i don’t have what it takes!

Butters: All those ladies have stinky vaginas?

Doctor: Of all the idiotic, dumb ways I’ve seen kids injure themselves, yours takes the retard cake!

Cartman: You think I can’t steer left better than you?

Cartman: I just have to accept I’m too smart and rich for NASCAR.

Overall, NASCAR is an easy target, but it was still a funny episode. The double dip of making fun of NASCAR and Vagisil, however, reeked of a “banked” episode that wasn’t overly timely and didn’t have much more to it past the core concept. Probably not an all time great episode, or an all time worst, a solid opener to the new season.

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