10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 9/30/10. Feat. Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Ric Flair & More.

10. There have to be a few theories on why Kurt Angle was up against Abyss right before Bound For Glory. They could be setting up for him to lose at the PPV by making sure he’s injured heading into it. Or they’re sending him in injured so when it wins it’s a bigger deal. Should be interesting to see what happens.

9. At least there was actually a pin in the Fourtune / EV2.0 match, because for a while there it really just looked like they were preparing for yet another brawl that achieves nothing.

8. Having two men standing in the ring punching themselves so that they bleed seems like it would be something that just isn’t quite right, but somehow it had an appeal. Purely because of the fact it was Foley and Flair, no one else in TNA could have pulled that off.

7. And it was a great spot between Foley and Flair. The match they’re able to put on next week may not be what it would have been years ago, but it should be interesting to watch.

6. The attitude that Generation Me have been emitting has been great to watch. TNA were in need of a strong heel tag team and they’ve found it in them. It’d be nice to see them continue on working with the Motor City Machine Guns because their styles mesh nicely.

5. Really TNA, teaming the Pope up with Nash & Sting? Not much else needs to be said about that one.

4. So, TNA’s live shows, where belts that used to matter but don’t anymore are defended. Also, where has Amazing Red disappeared to? We’re shown that he actually won the X Division title, but he hasn’t appeared on Impact in ages.

3. They really need to get rid of the TV title, because it means absolutely nothing and has been that way for a long while.

2. Yet again we’re given a glimpse into how much the Knockouts are valued within the company. They get a total of a few minutes to announce and attempt to get people to care about the upcoming PPV match. But it could have been worse, they could have just gotten to Bound For Glory and not announced it at all.

1. Setting up so that Abyss could rip the cage door off was a great idea. As much as some of the things they’ve done to make Abyss look crazy have been hard to watch, they’ve put him into a great position to go into the PPV looking like a monster.

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